Random Photos 1

I’m feeling random tonight and not sure what to post about at the moment so I guess I’ll show you some random photos:) 

Remember when I had the “Guess the Mountain Contest“?  Well, I took a picture of the same mountain but with my new camera.  I don’t think it’s a good picture by any means but it is much clearer.  You can see a bit more detail than the old picture.


You know you’re old when you’ve started feeding the birds.  Oh don’t try to deny it…feeding birds is for old people or kids and I ain’t no kid:(  We’ve been feeding the quail and lemme tell ya, they come up in huge flocks.  Is that how you say it for quail?–flocks?  Anyways, I thought I’d take some pics of them since there aint much else to look ’round here.



And finally, this is pretty much what we get to look at here on this ranch.  While it may seem pretty to some, I’m sick of them.  They’re everywhere and, to me, it’s all ugly.


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  1. Karin says

    Hey Lori! Looks like you’re loving that camera! Great shots! That photo of Sleeping Indian Mountain makes me homesick for the mountains.

    We’ve got company for about 4 days ~ again! The boys are out hunting quail ~ again!
    A group of quail is called a covey. ;)