Recap of My Black Friday Shopping and My New iPad Accessory

I feel like the past week flew by, how ’bout you?  Before I get to some of the steals I got from Black Friday & Cyber Monday shopping, here is what I ate for breakfast yesterday morning.  I went with one cup of Kashi cereal, half a banana cut up, and a 90 calorie packet of Barney Butter.  I mixed it all up and omg, it was soooooo good!!!  My only complaint was that the Kashi cereal was very hard on my teeth. I have bad teeth so I had to let it soak in the milk for a bit before I could even get it chewed.

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving?  I know I felt like a stuffed pig after it was all said and done but that’s a traditional part of the holiday I suppose; eating, eating, and eating.  Truett looked handsome for the event and was cracking up for some reason.  He can be so adorable when he’s not being a turd.  Cute photo, however, I clearly need to sweep.

Soooo, who did some Black Friday shopping??  Well you know I did because it’s one of my most favorite times of the year.  It’s an excuse to shop till I drop and still save a little money doing so!

Since Walmart changed things up this year with Open House (selling home, toys, and clothing at midnight vs 5am), I was able to get tons of shopping done before any of the other stores opened up at 5am.  Some of the things I bought were

  • Mainstays Towels for $1.33 (we have 3 bathrooms)
  • Storage totes for $2.80 each
  • 500 thread count sheets for $19.80
  • Buzz Lightyear for $12
  • Scooter for $12
  • BIG pack of Play-doh for $8
  • Hot Wheel cars, pack of 10 for $5

By the way, I think the way Walmart did it this year was awesome.  It was still crowded but it really helped those of us who weren’t going after electronics.

I also got a fantastic ‘cyber monday’ deal online at Joann’s, buying the Cricut Cake Machine for (drumroll)…..$199!!!!!! HOLY HECK, that’s right, I said $199!!  ~~don-cha wish you’re shopping skills were just like mine~~  I know Cat is gonna be totally jealous. *sticking out tongue*

Over the weekend we watched MegaMind.  It was okay but I won’t be buying the DVD.  I decided to keep my iPad and bought an iPad Keyboard Dock for it.  I absolutely LOVE that thing!  I should have bought it from the start. It just sits over there all pretty.

So did you guys get any great deals during Black Friday?

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  1. says

    Got the towels and Belgian waffle maker at Wal-Mart! Buy one get one 1/2 off Lego’s at K’mart, too.
    Also, clothes at Old Navy…boys sweats for $5, hoodie for my daughter for $10, slippers for $5. Skateboards at Toys R Us for $9.99!

    Awesome deal on the Cricut!!

  2. Lauralee Hensley says

    No Black Friday shopping here and no Cyber Monday shopping either. We are trying to pay down a big bill and are really being tight wads this year.
    I’ll just look forward to next year when this bill is so gone. It was a loan we took out to get some wood floors.

  3. says

    Wow, you got some awesome deals girl! We picked up a PS3 bundle online Black Friday with controllers, accessories, and games for 199 and that seemed pretty good. Had to hit the Old Navy $5 sale for comfy pants and long sleeved tees, love those sales. Picked up some BluRay movies for 4.99 a piece at on their Black Friday lightning deals, yay!

    And added 3 lines to my Tmobile plan for hubby and the oldest two boys this morning with no activation fees and some darn nice free phones, so that was a huge savings without the usual activation fees and the older two boys will (finally) have phones to text their friends over the holiday break.

    That’s about the total of my savings over the past few days, glad to be done with the holiday shopping early for a change and not running around at the last minute like I usually do!