REESE’S Mini Cups Mousse for Mini Molten REESE’S Cakes

Man do I love REESE’S.  I have been known to make a special trip to the tiny town of Roscoe, just for peanut butter cups.  I know it’s crazy. You don’t have to tell me.  Since I had several packages of REESE’S products in my home (for another recipe), I thought it would be fun to create a cupcake using some of them.  While they tasted delicious, it ended up being a little more work than I anticipated since I didn’t have a recipe in hand.  I just kinda went with it though and we made sure none were wasted.

reeses molten cakes

I started out with a Milk Chocolate Cake Mix, mixed as instructed.  I took some REESE’S mini cups and placed them inside a big marshmallow.  I poured some batter into a cupcake pan, placed the REESE’S stuffed marshmallow in batter, and covered with a little more batter.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this so I wasn’t surprised to see that it turned out more like a molten cake vs a cupcake.  But that’s okay!!  You can always add a filler right?

reese's molten cake ingredients reesesbaking6 reesesbaking2 reesesbaking3


Something you may or may not know about me, is I really don’t like icing at all…unless it’s the whipped kind from bakery.   I wanted to make my own but because I prefer a more fluffier type of icing, I tried my hand at a mousse topping.   Along with the mousse ingredients, I tossed in some REESE’S mini cups.  Fantastic right?!  Well, sorta.  If you plan on doing this, you need to make sure the REESE’S mini cups are creamed in well, otherwise, you’ll have chunks trying to come through your piping bag and tip…and well, let’s just say, I learned the hard way.  I ended up having to take my mousse and run it through a strainer to push (cream) all the mini cups through for a smoother consistency.   It ended up perfectly fine, just a little more work than I bargained for.  It tasted heavenly!!  I filled my pipe bag and just filled the molten cake, then swirling my way up to the top.  I chopped up some REESE’S Pieces for the topping.  FABULOUS!

reesesbaking4 IMG_4063 reesesbaking7 reesesbaking8


Since this was something that I was playing with, I don’t really have a recipe for the molten cakes themselves. I do, however, I have a recipe for the REESE’S Mini Cups Mousse.  Enjoy and stay tuned for a fantastic cookie recipe using REESE’S.


REESE'S Mini Cups Mousse

reeses molten cakes

By A Cowboy's Wife Published: February 26, 2013

    Man do I love REESE'S.  I have been known to make a special trip to the tiny town of Roscoe, just for peanut butter cups.  I know …


    • 1 8oz block Philadelphia Cream Cheese softened
    • 1 8oz bag REESE'S Mini Cups
    • 1 cup Sifted powdered sugar
    • 1/2 cup Heavy whipping cream


    1. Using hand mixer, whip the cream in a well chilled bowl until it is super fluffy. don’t over do it or you will have butter. set aside.
    2. In a separate bowl, using stand mixer, blend REESE'S Mini Cups with the cream cheese until well combined. Add sugar and mix on low-speed until it’s completely blended.
    3. Gently fold about half of the whipped cream into the REESE'S mixture. once it appears almost combined, fold in the other half. Be careful not to deflate the cream.

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