Reuse and Regift, Gift Ideas

We often celebrate birthdays and anniversaries with gifts but rarely give ‘just because’ presents.  I try to find out-of-the-blue moments to give gifts but this time around, I plan on using the 4th of July to celebrate more than our independence.

I’ve been giving my house a good spring cleaning and along the way, I keep finding items that I’ve never used, opened, or have duplicates of.  I thought this would make the perfect opportunity to create a gift bundle.  I started with a fun, Summer insulated tote.  I’ve had this bag a while and it’s still in perfect shape so I figured I’d reuse it instead of tossing it.   I planned on doing a themed bag but once I started finding things, I just went with a surprise bag.

In my bag are things like:

  • a Glamour magazine that I already read but is still fresh for the month for someone else.
  • extra beauty items like nail decals, carmex, and Bath & Body soap that I got during a special purchase.
  • a piece of jewelry that I wore once and thought it would be great to give to someone else to wear, and perhaps pass on later as well.
  • notebook and pen
  • Spring candle
  • fun cookbook

These are things that I had around my house and completely appropriate to regift.

I personalized with it a handmade card using my new Silhouette cutter.  I picked the Fourth of July graphic, cut it, and glued it onto the card.  More on how that works later and just a hint, I’ll also be giving one away, a $300 value.

Have you done this before?  If so, what kind of gift bags/baskets have you created?

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  1. Barbara Camp says

    Never done this, but what a thoughtful thing. Will try this as “happ” rewards for students and staff. Thanks for sharing

  2. says

    I make ‘gift baskets’ often! I always have a couple made up around Christmas time, for ‘extra’ gifts. You know, when someone drops by with a gift for you, that you werent expecting?! I go to a dollar store and pick up body wash, or soap, a scrubby, handtowel, and a candle, and arrange them in a little basket or cosmetic bag. Everyone has always loved them. They are great for teachers too.