Review of Kinect Rush, a Disney Pixar Game for Xbox 360

The Kinect has been a wonderful piece of equipment in addition to our Xbox 360.  It makes for great exercise and lots of laughs!  Toy Story and Cars are just two of Truett’s favorite Disney movies/characters so when we got the game, Kinect Rush, Truett’s eyes lit up immediately! The game includes characters from The Incredibles, Up, Ratatouille, Toy Story, and Cars.  If that doesn’t spell adventure and fun, I don’t know what will.

When setting up a player, one of the things that happens, is the kinect recognizes the body type and asks the player to get in a certain position and hold it.   While this is easy for most, it was a little hard for Truett to stay completely still for those very few seconds.  It took him 2 times.  After that, you can pick your general avatar and customize changes.  One of my favorite parts of the whole setup was the speech recognition and being able to say ‘skip’ or ‘no’, etc…

Once the game begins, they are thrown into this story-like park where they can walk around to get to all the major places of play.  They can wander around the park and meet other kids that will give you their take of the park. Very cool!   Of course, Truett was dying to find the Cars entrance.  He LOVED driving and being one of the Cars characters.

It took him just a minute to figure out just how sensitive his “steering wheel” but once he got it, it was on!  He thought it was cool how he could just push his arms forward to go faster. He tried his best to pass Mater!  He also played the robot character in Toy Story.  He thought the coolest thing was climbing the walls and jumping.   At first, he couldn’t understand that all he had to do was act like he was actually walking around, turning his shoulders to go that direction, etc but after a few minutes of play, he was like a pro!  We were cracking up watching him jump, climb, and move those arms FAST to run.

Overall, the game was a hit.  Truett had a blast playing and even got his older brother up to play who also had fun.  The characters were awesome, it felt SOOO real, and the way it mimics every single move you make is just amazing.  Man, we have come so far haven’t we?  All we can suggest?  Hurry up and come out with MORE CHARACTERS!! These were so fun that we’d totally buy future releases!  Two thumbs up, 5 stars, and AMEN from us!
I’ll definitely try to add some video so that you can get a real feel for it but I definitely recommend it. It’s about $50 bucks and well worth the entertainment and fun for the whole family.



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