Rodeo, Cheesecake, and Our Flag

Every year, we are given tickets to attend the San Angelo PRCA Rodeo.  It’s always a great rodeo but this year, it was much more for me.  They added a couple of things that gave me goosebumps and a new appreciation of the Flag.  It started with this man here, the rodeo announcer, who is there every year and has a lovely voice to say the least.

Directly after the awesome laser show, he talked about our Anthem and the story of our Flag.  Now I’ve heard the general story about our men dying for our flag but the way he told it, well, it gave me chills and this vivid image of what it truly meant.  I’m ashamed to say this but I never truly knew the story like he told it.  He talked about Francis Scott Key and the war and how during the war, they Flag never fell because there were piles of dead men who died trying to keep it up and when those men died, more men came to hold the Flag up, and so on.  It truly inspires me to know that those men had that much pride in our men, the Flag, and what they were fighting for.    That my friends, is why I’d whip my son’s ass if he didn’t take his hat off during the anthem. Luckily, I don’t even have to tell him to though because he knows it’s important to us. How important is it to you? Do you take your hat off? Do you put your hand over your heart and sing that anthem with pride, thanking those who have fight, and are fighting for our country?  We do.

Then came the rodeo!  There were some top names here at the rodeo this year like Rich Skelton, Blair Burke, and Allen Bach.  We saw bulls, roping, and really enjoyed the clown entertainment.

Then after a while, we had a tired cowpoke.

After a very long Saturday, we took Sunday as a day of rest.  Friends of Toby & Tyler came over again this weekend. We love having them here. We know they’re not anywhere else getting in trouble when they’re at our house so they are always welcomed.  Anyways, we all cooked outside, ate cheesecake, and just enjoyed family (and friends) time.

We had a great weekend…how ’bout you?

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  1. Sunnie says

    Nice, sounds like a nice weekend! How handsome all your boys are! Rodeo is fun, we mostly get in the summer around here, except for the National Western Stock Show in January, (Im in Colorado). Your are dang right I have pride in my Flag. When I was 15 and worked at Mcdonads. there was a kid who dragged the flag on the floor, a customer got really mad and I didnt understand why. Not until I was 18 and in the Army did I know the importance of it. Now I raise my girls to know that respect and where it comes from. We have a flag that flies in our yard, someday I want to put up a pole and mabye have a POW flag underneath it. Long Live Cowboys!

  2. Jeni says

    What a fun weekend! We were stationed in San Angelo and our first daughter was born there- it is a very patriotic town. Wouldn’t mind being stationed there again. Good for you, teaching your kids to respect the flag!

  3. Chrystal says

    I’ve told people around me before to remove their hats if they didn’t take them off! I will not tolerate disrespect to our flag! Too many of my family members have died in its honor.

    On a different note, Trevor Brazil held my grandson this past weekend at the San Antonio stock show!!!

  4. Ollie Monroe says

    I am so thankful you let Peyton hang out with you guys. You are right they will stay out of trouble, or will they????? More than 2 boys togeather is always trouble, that is what Billy’s grandad would always say. haha.
    Yum!! Did you make the cheesecake?????