Roll Around in these Cowboy Style Bedding Sets Instead of the Hay!

I’m slowly giving my bedroom a makeover and on the prowl for a nice cowboy bedding set. I have my eye on a couple of these and was curious what you thought. I love to get everyone’s input on the colors, accents that would go with a particular set, etc because I am SO not creative.

Cowboy bedding is not cheap by any means so when we buy something, we gotta make sure it’s somethin’ we’re gonna love! I have some ideas for a mirror and prints but not sure about the colors yet. Trying decide which fits our personally the most.

We do have a cedar post bed that is just beautiful so whatever we buy will end up looking rustic.

Lemme hear your 2 cents!

A little bronc ridin’ action! Very cowboyish but my concern would be blending colors in the room so that it doesn’t end up too dull.


Very plain and yet colorful but does it limit my color blending in the room? What do you think?

red horse bedspread

Cowboy Bunkhouse Style…….

Cowboy bunkhouse bedspread

Brands are always popular in the cowboy way of living.

Cowboy Brands Comforter Bedding Set

Not sure this one is my style but I thought I’d add it anyways!

Cowhide comforter

Pictures and sets from Rod’s and Ebay.

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  1. Deb says

    I like number 3 it has a soft side and a manly side.. I also like the last one.. but i don’t think it has a bed skirt.. I bet you have things under the bed. I always like to hide the dust bunnys.
    question… why do you want e-mail address?? I really don’t want mine given out or passed on? I love reading your blog..

  2. shannon says

    I like the cowboy bunkhouse style, 3rd one. I think if you add some curtains and rugs with the red or maroon color that is on the bedding it will really bring it out. It would not be to dull. Also the color red is suppose to be romantic. Just thought I would throw that in there. :)

  3. says

    I like #1 because of the buckaroo, looks old timey and you could add light blues or a pale yellow with it, whatever is in with the cowboy, can’t really see too well from here.

    I think #2 is my fav. The red really stands out and you could go with a dark blue to accent. Not navy, but a dark country blue. I really like blue and brown together. All though I’m not as crazy about the blanket as the sheets, I really like thoses sheets! The running horses in the blanket I don’t like, just the color, lol

    #3 is ok, kinda blah..
    I’m not a fan of brands, unless it’s my own or someone’s I know. And cowhide is good as a rug or a thrown, but a whole bedspread is too much for me! lol it’s pretty cowboy tho! ;)

  4. Sherrie Lopez says

    Hey Girl,
    If I absolutely had to pick one of the pics you showed it would probably be the “Cowboy Bunkhouse” cause the others look too masculine. They would be okay for a single guy, a teenager or even a kid, but not for a marriage bed in a room occupied by both a man and woman. Also….there are some nice looking things at “Touch of” – listed as ‘Southwestern’. There’s a sale on now only for this week and in the pages of that specific style there are some clearance pages, too. Not all of the stuff is actually Southwestern. Some of it looks to be Plains style and other. But there are some definite “Cowboy” style items. Not sure how their prices compare with Rods or Amazon but it might be worth a look. I’m not much on the whole room being match-matchy. I prefer to find a great looking comforter or spread that doesn’t have a set design in it but I do want more than 1 or 2 colors in it. Like the “Phoenix” comforter at the “ToC” site. It’s okay if the curtains match or you pick out 1 or 2 colors in the spread and build the rest of the room around that. The reason I like it that way is because it’s easier to make changes if you get tired of the wall hangings, pictures, you want to change some colors or you find something else to use. Pictures, wall hangings or curtains are less expensive to change than the comforter, shams and sheets. Also if your comforter has more than one color in it, you can find solid sheets in those colors and your bed won’t ever look funny when you change the sheets or do laundry. I don’t know if all that makes sense to you or if I’m explaining it right. Anyway, hope you find what you are looking for.

  5. says

    I would go with either 1, 3 or 4. A lot depends on your room, if you have a lot of light 3 would work well, but if it’s dark I would try 1 or 2 to keep it light.

    The red is nice and does stand out, but if you want to keep this for a long time then I would suggest getting something that you can play with more.

  6. says

    #1 is very pretty, but does limit your color choices a bit. I like #3 best, I think.

    The brands in #4 remind me of a spa for some reason! I guess they sometimes use weird foreign characters or signs? I dunno :-)

  7. Stefanie (Loven) Day says

    I love the red one you can always change the sheets if you want to bring in a new color. I think you can pretty much put it with anything.You thought it wouldn’t go with as much, I disagree and think it will actually go with more. you can add throw pillows to bring in some new color also! I think the solidity makes it easier to add a new look if you get bored with it after a while and want a easy new look.

  8. gaye says

    It seems like I’m the opposite of most everyone! I like #1 the most. It’s not too frilly (my opinion of the cowboy bunk house)and is a good blend of modern/country. Like Elise stated, you could bring out other colors from the cowboy pics. The red comforter could be a witch to clean (think fading) and seems limiting.
    JMHO – get what you love! :)gaye