Saddles 101

A cowboy can’t do his job without a saddle.  It’s a cowboy’s most beloved possession and cowboys have no problem spending thousands on one of these babies!  The saddle shown here is one of my husbands (yes, he has more than 1 and no, I didn’t mean I had more than 1  This a Robert Mitchell saddle and it’s highly collectible.  It’s probably worth around $3000 right now.  You can buy good, decent saddles for about $800 but if you are a TRUE cowboy, you get yours handmade and pay around $2000 – $2500.  If you’re really good, you could probably trade a few bridles towards the saddle so you don’t have to dish out any dough!

Saddle 101

Some of the saddle parts are labeled on the photo.  This is a regular ranch saddle.  There are literally thousands of saddle types.  Barrel racers have their kind, ropers, cutters and so on.


What they mean:

Seat–Duh!  It’s where my big butt doesn’t fit.

Cantle–A little “back rest” if you will. 

Horn–This peice is important.  This is where you’ll grab a holt if you’re fixin’ to be thrown.  It’s also the place where ropers dally their rope after they’ve caught their bull, cow, etc. 

Swells–This helps keep you in the saddle a little better.  Bronc riders have swells that are higher and curve back a bit.  They hug your leg a little more so you don’t get thrown as easily.

Saddle blanket–Keeps the saddle from rubbing the horse raw.

Back cinch–Helps keep the saddle in place.

Girt–Basically does the same job as the back cinch.

Stirrups–This is where those high priced boots fit.  Obviously these are used to get up on your horse but they have soooo many more things they’re good for.

Cowboy rope–Another cowboy favorite.  I don’t know not one cowboy that doesn’t love to go out and rope something.  Even at the house, we have dummies to rope. 

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    Great post! Very informative – I reckon I’m a true cowboy, but just dont have the money to spend to get one handmade!