SeaWorld’s Manta Roller Coaster in Orlando, Florida

I haven’t been on a roller coaster in years but thanks to IZEA and SeaWorld (owned by Anheuser Busch) for sponsoring the visit, I was able to ride the newly launched Manta Roller Coaster, as well as, experience other parts of SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida.  I have a couple of posts I want to write but today’s post is focused on the Manta.

I got to ride with Audrey (who was terrified to ride it), Arianne (who closed her eyes most of the time), and Tara (aka mop head cause her hair completely covered her face! lol).

As you start the incline, you have an amazing view of the park.  Quickly you are swooshed down and around and then to my favorite part which was the loop!  Two other parts I loved are when we are at a side angle and the wing grazes the water, getting the person sitting on that side a little wet.  There’s a waterfall in your path that scares you just a bit ’cause it looks like you’re gonna hit it, of course you don’t!!!  We scream at that point of course but I mostly laughed the entire time. I was cracking up and I have no clue why except that I was having fun!

manta rollercoaster at SeaWorld

And if you want to virtually experience the ride, check out the video for yourself!  It was an awesome roller coaster and if you get the chance, you must ride it! Me and Tara rode it 3 times in a row and wished we could have done it a 4th time! They say if you ride at the very back, to the left, it’s has more of a “G-Force” and makes for an even more crazy ride!

Enjoy the video of me and the girls!

I had a blast!  Stay tuned for my thoughts on other parts of the park like swimming with the Dolphins and the show that brought tears to my eyes, Believe.

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