Secrets Revealed

No, not my secrets but I did learn a few things this weekend; like how many women have pad up their bewbs.  I also met one gal who has had some breast enhancement work done.  NOOOOO, I won’t name names but I was surprised.  I don’t know why really, women want to look beautiful and this is no exception.

I found myself noticing cleavage at Blogher….isn’t that weird?  There were so many low cut shirts with massive cleavage showing that I started to feel self conscience about it.  While a quick trip to the V store cured my worries for the weekend, it definitely won’t fix what having 3 kids has done.  Now this doesn’t really bother me but I found it interesting how much it bothers some women.

I decided to do some research on this subject and surprised to find that there are pills that can enhance you??  Did you know this?  These pills are 98% effective!

Average Growth: 3-5 Cups
Results: 1-2 Months
For: Growth, Firming, Lifting
Money Back Guarantee: Yes

I also found that there are creams and gum with almost a just as high percentage of effectiveness as well!  I’m still in shock because I just assumed the only way to enhance your breast is by surgery but apparently not.

I don’t judge anyone for making the decision to pretty themselves up at all.  I do hope that it’s for self confidence and self esteem reasons, not just vanity reasons though.  I personally would love to have more lift myself but I don’t need it.  When I say need, I mean I don’t need it mentally.  If I knew the product was 100% safe with no serious side effects, then I might consider trying a cream only for lift, not for a bigger size.

Before taking any medications or anything to enlarge or lift your breasts, always do your research, talk to your doctor, talk to someone who has done it before.  Write down the pros and cons of which ever procedure you are thinking about and give yourself one month to think about, read material, and then make your decision.

My questions to you are:

Would you use surgery, pills, creams, or the gum to enhance your bewbs?  Why or why not?  Also, what if your daughter, sister, mother, or aunt came to you with this situation.  Would you be supportive?  Negative?

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    This is a touchy subject…hmmm.. anyway, I can see surgery for being too big and having back problems, too small for confidence wise, and offset look issues but not for the in between just to enhance something that already looks fine. As for all of the medications, creams, gum and other unknowns, unless it is FDA approved, forget it! If a friend or relative came to me and said they wanted to go under the knife, would state the same thing, and also copy that on the drugs/pills/creams ect…in the end it is their choice and their body.

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    Krista says

    Firstly, it was really nice to meet you at BlogHer, however briefly! Secondly, this post cracks me up because I did notice that there seemed to be a bit of flesh on display! Now that being said, I don’t really like my breasts (assymmetrical), so if I had the millions that I deserve, I would probably do something about them. Nothing major or artificial…just a “neat and tidy” of them…

  3. 3

    Jenn says

    If I knew they really worked ,then yes I’d try some for a lift . I have had 4 kids and things are not where they use to be! I would never get implants though! Why put something in your body that shouldn’t really be there and can cause more harm then good.

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    Brenda says

    I would have to say that I would fully support anyone who wanted to enhance their appearance…
    Having said that, I will share that I did have breast enhancement done… the age of 51,
    then at age 52, I found a lump and it turned out to be breast cancer, at first I was afraid that the implants had something to do with it but the doctors assured me that it didn’t..Also, the drs. seem to think that they helped me to be able to feel th lump……So, after having breast removed and reconstruction, and chemo, I have been a SURVIVOR now for 4 years…..

  5. 5

    Sommer says

    I always think natural is better and avoiding a major surgery is probably a good thing. However, feeling good about yourself is very important. If a woman feels she is complete without perky big breasts and smackin’ down 5g is what will make it all better, who am I to judge? It’s about self esteem, self imagine, sexuality and mental health. I know some people who have decided to do this. First they tried to accept saggy down to their knees boobs but they just couldn’t. They tried to buy the best bras and ignore how they looked when a tee was on or bathsuit. Mentally, they did try but it just didn’t work out. They wanted to feel good about themselves and for them, breast enhancment and surgery worked. So now they smile, like tight fitting shirts, bathing suits and basically feel good about themselves. I have to agree with wanting to feel better about your body. I just wish more women (me included) could come to terms with who they are, their bodies, loving themselves more and doing things like eating right and exercise to feel better. Lord knows, it isn’t easy though!

  6. 6

    I have no need for bigger, so I never feel right making that judgment call as to if it is right or wrong. I imagine someday a lift will look like a good idea, and I don’t mean from what I can’t buy at “V” but do pretty well at Fredrick’s for.

    If it was a women I love, I would want her to explore both her options and safety factors, along with her reasons behind doing it. If she had realistic expectations and could afford it, why not?