Seeds of Change: Truett has Watermelon Sprouts!

Truett planted watermelon seeds 9 days ago and as of 3 days ago, he had sprouts so I decided to take photos today.  There’s more to the story though……We had this dog, Buzz, who was chewing up everything he could find.  The last straw was when he reached up on my patio table and got ahold of Truett’s newly planted seeds.  I was livid and told my husband that the dog had to go.  Thankfully my BIL was looking for another one so he has a good home now.  Anyways, we took the seeds & pods and ‘patched’ them up a bit and crossed our fingers.  They must be resilient because they grew like nothing ever happened!  Truett kept checking every single day to see if they had grown and was tickled to death to see the first sprout.

I’ll share more as they grown.  The same day Truett planted his Watermelon seeds, I planted my own  seeds!! I decided to start with Squash, Okra, and Tomatoes.

These are Squash seeds!

These are Okra sprouts!

Squash plants after 9 days!!! WOOHOO!

Okra plants after 9 days!

Tomato plants after 9 days!

This has been super exciting for me y’all. I just love doing this and I think once I learn more about the plants, planting do’s & don’ts, I’ll be a gardener!!!  Are you planting anything?


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  1. Sunnie says

    This is awesome to see it all grow! How big is your garden and is this your first year? We just bought an over 5 acre farm and I really want to start a garden but we have a lot of wildlife that would eat it. I have to wait until next year when I have a green house. I want to garden in the winter too, we’ll see!

    • A Cowboy's Wife says

      It’s very tiny Sunnie! LOL This is my first one and I’m completely clueless and learning as I go. I’m so excited though and I’m gonna really try hard. Hopefully I can have a bigger one next year! Good luck with yours!

  2. Lauralee Hensley says

    I have some seeds that have come up. They are in pots on the kitchen table, as I can’t plant outside until at least May 5th, after the last frost usually happens here, but some people say to wait until May15th. I’ve never waited that late, and since it’s been so warm this year, I don’t think I will. I have three different kinds of tomato’s that just came up in the last three days, I have cucumbers and yellow summer squash that have also come up, and I think I’ll transplant them into bigger pots this weekend. I’ll just have to use come of my ceramic pie dishes as drip pans. My peas, my watermelon are not up yet. I’m also going to plant some strawberries from plants and rhubarb from plants. I’m going to plant some garlic again this year, so if the rabbits get into the garden again, maybe they’ll once again eat all the garlic up and leave other stuff alone. I’d really love to get the garlic for our family and not the rabbits, but I’ll not hold my breath. I’m planting onions and potato’s too. Then for herbs I’m going to plant dill, and garlic chives and onion chives. Oh, I’ll plant carrots from seed outside too. I’m going to have a big garden this year. I forgot my bell pepper seeds aren’t coming up, so maybe I’ll need to buy a different brand of them. Hope you have a great year of planting. Just do internet searches about planting whatever you are, and you’ll have tons of info at your hands.

    • A Cowboy's Wife says

      I would LOVE to do potatoes but I have no clue how. You are planting all sorts of things!!! I’m skeered to plant too much for fear of it all dying. LOL We have quite a few hardy plants that can already be planted, like broccoli…I’m having so much fun with this though!! Good luck with yours!