Shopping Office Depot for Sales, Armed with a Coupon!

I’ve been looking for a desk for a while now and I’m happy to report that I found one! Sadly, I don’t have deskan actual room setup for my home office so I just use the empty part of living room. I thought it would be neat to share the before and after of my mini home office makeover and tell you the deal I found and how much I saved!

I almost always shop at Office Depot for my home office items and this time was no exception. It really pays to be patient because they always have sales and many times, on the same items every other week or every two weeks. So if you missed that sale price on that desk you wanted, wait a week or two and chances are, it will be on sale again. That is what happened to me.

I knew I wanted an L desk and a hutch to match. I searched about a week ago and found the RS To Go Magellan L Shaped Desk. It was $249.99, which is not that bad for an L desk really. The matching hutch was $129.99 giving me a total of $379.98.  Still not bad for a set that has GREAT reviews and looks sharp,  BUT, being a long time shopper of Office Depot, I just knew that it would go on sale or they would have a discount on office furniture. So I waited. A little over a week later, I check back to see if there are any sales and guess what? TA-DA! There it was! The desk was on sale for $149.99!!! WOOT! BUT I didn’t stop there. I searched online for a coupon code too. One of my favorite coupon spots is Retail Me Not, which immediately came up when I googled hutchOffice Depot coupon code.  There were several codes.  $30 off $150 and 15% off total purchase are the ones that caught my eye. After figuring up what my total would be and taking the 15% off of it, I knew that the percentage would be a better deal. Another thing I love about Office Depot is that you can almost always get free shipping and sure enough, I did.

My total expenses were:

  • +$149.99 for the desk  reg. $249.99 (saving $100)
  • +$129.99 for the hutch
  • -$   41.99 15% discount (coupon code from Retail Me Not)
  • +$    0.00  FREE Shipping
  • +$  19. 12 Tax (BOOOO)
  • $257.11 GRAND TOTAL

So I saved a total of $141.99 for being patient and taking 5 minutes to search for a coupon code.  Really I saved more because shipping would have been $39.99 but that’s what makes Office Depot so awesome, that free shipping they always do!

Stay tuned next week when I get the desk, put it together and show you the before and after!

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    Oh man I love when that happens! And that you had an extra discount on top of that is awesome!! Nice job. It looks great can’t wait to see it in your space.

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