Silence Can Be Sexy

My man asked me to take a ride with him on the four wheeler this evening.  We didn’t talk the entire time.  I held him, our hands touched, we kissed, and then we stopped for a bit and I got a picture of this beautiful sunset.  No need for words with us.  We can look at each other and know exactly what we’re thinking.

So shut your trap and embrace the moment;)

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    I am imagining that what a beautiful time you might have. Perhaps this is some kind of imagination inside us which make such scene exclusive and wonderful. May be Nature is the most wonderful and beautiful phenomena.

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    Sommer says

    We did this last weekend walking the beach. It was perfect and it reminded me of just how great it is to not have any words but just know. Know I’m with the right person. Know that this moment is perfect. Thank you for the reminder.

    I love you picture to. Very sustainable!

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    Jenn says

    The picture is beautiful , nice to hear you have a sweet hubby !

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    Treasia says

    Can I get an “Amen” from everyone. Sometimes words aren’t need to know what we are feeling from others.

    Treasias last blog post..Because I’ve Got Nothing Better Today

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    Lori says


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    Elaine says

    Absolutely a gorgeous picture. I imagine the moment was even more beautiful. It’s so great to be able to share those times with the one we love the most. Words definitely aren’t needed!!

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    Flusche says

    That is awesome. More often I like sunrise scenes as compared to sunset but it is wonderful which make me stunned and motionless for many minutes. I appreciate your effort.

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    Schuppen says

    I always confused with sunsets or sunrises, I can’t decide that which are more beautiful but it is such a joy which can’t be expressed. Thanks for sharing the picture.