Small Changes Make Big Differences


Changing what I put into my mouth in order to lose weight has been a constant struggle for me.  Going from drinking soda 24/7 to stopping cold turkey was a challenge to say the least.  Once you make the commitment though, it’s worth everything.  I’m helping my body, my skin and even my teeth.  Teeth??  Yes, the soda has done nothing but rot my teeth so drinking water was absolutely necessary for me!

So that’s weight, skin, and teeth so far and I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of how beneficial water is. Water means I’ll live longer because my body will be more healthy.

Drinking Water

No biggie right?  You turn the faucet on and bam, you have water.  Sadly though, there are many people without clean drinking water.  Can you imagine??  In fact, over 900 million around the world don’t have clean drinking water. THAT is sad. YOU can help though. You can help Crystal Light bring clean, safe drinking water to those people in need. Just take the Water Way Challenge! All it costs is your time and you’ll be helping someone somewhere get that clean water! And if you need a bit more of an incentive, how about a chance to win a spa trip for two to Jackson Hole, Wyo. And if you want a chance to win $250 bucks, head on over to Divine Caroline and tell your story.

I encourage you read my other posts about water and Crystal Light, learn the benefits, take the challenge and even make the recipe using Crystal Light!  I would love to hear you thoughts and stories about drinking water, playing in water, not having water, etc.  Share it with me won’t ya!


Like the previous water posts, I have $50 bucks up for grabs.  Two ways to enter.  Leave each one in a separate comment.

1)  Take the Water Way Challenge , quiz, or tell me something you learned from the site. Come back here and tell me.

2) Tweet this giveaway and include @AcowboysWife & the link to this giveaway.

That’s it!  Ends on June 4th.

This is 4 of 4 sponsored posts by Crystal Light, however, I wholeheartedly believe in drinking more water throughout the day and during workouts. All my regular readers already know that I flavor my water as well.

I’ve was very happy to participate in this campaign and hope that you truly learned something and it encouraged you to drink more water and help those without clean drinking water. It really is important!

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  1. 352

    estella miller says

    Nothing more important than clean water.

  2. 353

    Debra F says

    I learned that you lose 10 cups of water each day. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  3. 354

    Laura P. says

    I learned that adults can lose 10 cups of water a day. I never knew it was that much.

  4. 355

    900 million people don’t have access to clean water – sad! I can’t imagine not having clean water to give my children.

  5. 356

    Jeanette H. says

    I learned that you lose up to 10 cups of water a day. Other then that, I knew all the rest. I gave up caffinated drinks when I was pregnant with my daughter (who is now 11 1/2) and have never looked back. It’s the best thing I could have done and i’d do it again, even going through the pepsi withdrawals…LOL.
    Congratulations on giving up pop/soda, it’s a great move for you and your body.

    Thank you for the great giveaway!


  6. 357

    Gianna says

    900 million people do not have access to clean water..

  7. 358

    Betty C says

    I took the quiz. I was surprised by how many answers I got wrong. I thought I was better informed.

  8. 359
  9. 360

    Terri L says

    Took the quiz and didn’t do so hot. Didn’t realize we lose so much water each day just through sweating, breathing, etc.

  10. 361

    Chan says

    I took the quiz. Looks like I need to start drinking more water. Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. 362

    Heather says

    I signed up for the challenge and took the quiz. I can’t believe adults lose ten cups of water a day in sweat! Yuck!

  12. 363

    Molly Capel says

    I like the tips of taking a water bottle with you everywhere you go & drinking water with every meal.

  13. 364

    I need to drink more water. I learned 900 million people don’t have access to clean water

  14. 365

    Dan says

    I took the quiz and signed up

  15. 366

    regina says

    I would love a wonderful water purifier for my kitchen!

  16. 367

    georgie says

    Adults can lose 10 cups of water a day!

  17. 368

    Thanks for offering this contest. Hope we win.

    I learned that I need to drink more water

    Rachel Belkins last blog post..Coupon Bank

  18. 369

    Kathy says

    I took the quiz and learned that my water wisdom was on the “Dry Side.” So, hopefully my wisdom improved.

  19. 370

    georgie says



  20. 371

    Tim says

    10 cups of water can be lost throughout the day

  21. 372

    Lori Walker says

    I took the quiz… I guess I’ll have to study up!

  22. 373

    carol ~ says

    I learned 900 million people do not have access to clean water. That’s sad.
    I also gave up soda, but diet soda. It was so full of chemicals and was just so acidic it made my joints hurt. On top of that I was just so addicted to it and it costs quite a lot so I am glad I am done with it. I banned soda from my house, too. It took awhile to get my son and husband off of it but I finally did it!

  23. 374

    carol ~ says

    I signed up to follow on Twitter and tweet! acowboyswife


  24. 375

    amy delong says

    that adults lose 10 cups of water a day,I never realized it was that much,well I have to go drink my water now!


  25. 376

    kathy pease says

    Sometimes you may feel as though your body is craving food when it’s in fact craving water.

  26. 377

    Erin Walsh says

    Took the Water Way Challenge.

  27. 378

    Erin Walsh says

    Tweeted under ewalsh1

  28. 379

    JudyZ says

    I took the Water Way Challenge.

  29. 380

    Jay F says

    I like that Global Water Challenge will broker investments in projects that can scale to larger sizes, projects that provide for cleaner water. They give examples in South Africa.

  30. 381

    Marcy Strahan says

    I took the quiz/challenge!

    I learn we loose lose 10 cups of water a day!

  31. 382

    Helen says

    I found out that adults can lose 10 cups of water a day.

  32. 383

    Tammy Greer says

    I learned that 900 million people do not have the means to get clean water. That breaks my heart knowing that all these people are subjected to disease and illness because they have to drink water that’s unsanitary.

  33. 384

    Gail Crawford says

    people needs 8 glasses of water a day

  34. 385

    Teri P says

    An adult can lose an average of 10 cups of water each day by sweating, breathing, and eliminating waste.

  35. 386

    Veronica Garrett says

    I learned that you lose up to 10 cups of water a day.

  36. 387

    Cassandra says

    Research suggests that people who drink an average of six and a half cups of water during the day consume close to 200 fewer calories per day.

  37. 388

    Chrysa says

    I’m on the Dry Side according to the quiz.

  38. 389
  39. 390

    Donna K says

    I joined the Water Way Challenge.

  40. 391

    Lily Kwan says

    I learned that 900 million people do not have access to clean water.

  41. 392

    Alan D says

    I learned that without basic hygiene and water, communities cannot address other areas like healthcare, schooling, environmental issues.


  42. 393

    Toni Coultas says

    It’s hard to immagine not having acess to clean clear water and yet it’s the reality for 900 million. That seems even more unbelievable given how water is waisted!

  43. 394

    Dana says

    I learned that people who drink more water tend to consume fewer calories.

  44. 395

    renee says

    I learned that the average adult loses 10 cups of water a day sweating, breathing, etc.