Smokey Grilled Wild Hog

I’ll never forget our wedding.  I didn’t know what they had planned for us back at the ranch so you might say I was extremely surprised to show up with a big ol’ lamb turning over a fire, which was our supper.  Since then, we have eaten goat, beef head, tripas, wild hog, and so much more.  Wait, did I say ‘we’?  Cause I really meant ‘they’.  The only thing I have eaten, is the the beef head and not because I wanted to but because I was deceived!  My MIL put them in the tamales and I didn’t know.

Anyways, my husband kills a lot of wild hogs and every now and then, brings one home to cook.  It was a beautiful Sunday and what better way to spend it than sitting outside with the family, grilling.

Normally my man would have wrapped this in foil to smoke it but, of course, I was out of foil.  So he “smoked” it on the grill for a few hours.  Still turned out good and with it being as big as it was, we had plenty to cube up and freeze.

No recipe here today.  Throw the hog on the grill or wrap in foil and then throw it on and smoke for a few hours.  Season how ya want.

Have you had wild hog?  What other wild game have you eaten?

Wild Hog

Grilled Wild Hog

Smokey Grilled Wild Hog

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