Snaps of….

While in NYC, I quickly snapped a photo of the Statue of Liberty.  I was on a moving boat that was still for all of 30 seconds, and I was soaken wet to boot!  Anyhoo, I loved seeing the giant beauty and if I ever go back, I’ll definitely take the time to see her up close and pay my respect to such a historic piece of our country.

I’ve been walking lately.  It’s only a mile but that’s a lot for me and it’s down our ranch road.  Off in the distance I see 4 horses, wait, make that 3 horses and a goat who thinks he’s a horse.  Smokey, Corona, Cujo, and the goat-Carlito.

I don’t take good photos when lighting conditions are low but I wanted to snap a photo of this energizer flameless wax candle that was given to me while in NYC.  It smells fabulous, is a real candle, and I absolutely love coming home late in the evening and walking into a room of lit candles.  Just lovely.  And I have to mention, it’s way more friendly on the ol’ checkbook! I also got to see the holiday collection and it’s stunning!

And my favorite, from this past week, are the peaches.  They had sat around whole for days and I could see them getting soft so I finally decided to cut them up and guess what happened?  Yep, they were all eaten within 20 minutes.


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