Speck, Ashley, and Snow White

Oh man, the amount of cats we have is ridiculous.   They were here before we came to this ranch and well, their family has since grown.   We have one male who is very wild.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him, only my husband.  We have 3 females and of course, they all got bred at once.  I had to find homes for these cuties and since they are ‘barn’ cats, it was a fairly easy task.

Meet the three mamas -

Speck – ’cause she has a little speck on her bottom lip. This is my favorite and most gentle cat of all.

Ashley – I call her ASH though ’cause she’s charcoal grey.  She’s got attitude and loves the trampoline.

Snow White – I call her kitty though.  She’s kind-of-a diva.  Only wants to be petted at certain times and literally will stare at you like you’re stupid when you try to call her to you.

And all the kittens featured in photos came from Speck.  She kept hers close to the house so that we could get them a little gentle. This is my favorite and has been given to a good home!  It looks just like it’s mama!

I know it looks like this grey one came from Ashley but nope.  In fact, the two kittens that Ashley had died.  They were scrawny and weak and by the time we found them, there wasn’t much that could be done.  I don’t think she’s a very good mama and needs fixin’ so it doesn’t happen again.

Speck had 5 all together, of which 3 have found a new home.  The other two are more wild and hard to catch.  Snow White has one kitten but it’s much older than these and is SUPER WILD.

Since they are technically barn cats, we only feed them every other day, sometimes every two days.  They catch a lot of grasshoppers, birds, rats, and even rabbits.  In my opinion, this really helps diminish the chances we’d have of snakes.  When we do feed them, we feed the Sheba cat food to them.  We give the bigger cuts to the big cats and pate type to the smaller ones.  They can smell it before I even get outside and come running instantly.  They clearly love it and for them, it’s a real treat.  My husband says outside cats shouldn’t be so spoiled but I said as long as they’re doing they’re job, I’ll feed them whatever I want. lol

Do y’all have outside cats?  If so, do you feed them regularly and what do you feed them?





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    Sunnie says

    We want cats, we have two bog dogs and one is not so cat friendly. Hes getting older though, so well get one someday. I want them nice too.