Spooktacular Wilton Giveaway!

Wilton offers a variety of baking products to help you make the most creative and beautiful cakes.  They also offer themed products and in this case, Halloween themed items!  I’ll be making a few items over the next couple of weeks to get you in the Halloween mood and if you’ve baked something Halloweenish, I’d love to see a photo!

One winner will receive all the items below to help kick start your Halloween baking!

There’s a finger pan, cookie house kit, tons of sprinkles, cupcake stand & stencils, and more!


Leave a comment on this post with your Halloween stories.  You may enter daily by telling me a different story each day.

ADDITIONAL entries once the required entry has been completed, leaving each one in a separate comment to count:

Giveaway ends on October 10th at 6pm CST.

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  1. Paula says

    One year I made homemaid blood and poured it all over my kids for Halloween it was soo much fun lol my daughter was snow white with blood all over her people were scared of her she laughed at them my sons had fun too with 6 kids I have alot of stories to tell :)

  2. says

    L, my girls would fah-reak over this baking kit. We always do a lot of baking and she is obsessed with Halloween (she already carved a pumpkin yesterday)!

    I think I especially love celebrating Halloween with Laurel because I wasn’t allowed to go trick or treating as a kid (culturally, my parents were totally mystified by Halloween and thought it was a big unsafe scam). The first year we went out (when Laurel was just a toddler), she wanted to be a “giant yellow grape.” Have no idea where that came from but I made her a huge costume that basically was impossible to move in. She had fun though. :-)

  3. Penny says

    My husband’s office building puts a big Halloween party every year. They dress up in costumes and everything. My daughters and I always make something to take to the party. These items would be great.

  4. Heather says

    I would love on of their fancy heavy pans, maybe the checker board! I love cakes, but love dong cupcakes more:)

  5. says

    The best Halloween costume I remember having… My mom made, out of a sheet, hula hoop, and yarn. I was a Clown… She used the hula hoop to make me look like I had a big belly, and then made the sheet into my clothes, with polka dots all over it. Somehow she made a wig out of rainbow colored yarn. It was cool. I was pretty young, but I thought it was cool.

  6. says

    When my girls were little, we would all dress up together – so I was the farmer and they were my cows, I was Steve and one was Blue, etc. They are too big for that now!

  7. Victoria Bayne says

    It’s not even Halloween yet & this year is already my favorite Halloween season so far. My kids are at the age where we can do crafts together & we are already having so much fun. We decorated the house & have made some really cool homeade decorations. We already have our costumes & can’t wait til Halloween.

  8. Melissa says

    My kids love to decorate pumpkins. They use my entire kitchen table and sometimes and pumpkin pulp throwing fight breaks out. We love to cook the pumpkin seeds and snack on them as we are trick or treating.

  9. Mary E.S. says

    Two years ago when we went trick or treating our oldest got (he’s autistic)got his feelings hurt because people thought he was too old. Last year we stayed home and had ourselves a party.We made cookies and cupcakes and they decorated them. Then we watched Halloween movies(PG rated)for several hours.I have to say that I think this was one of our best Halloween’s ever and I think the boy’s will agree.

  10. Carla Skiles says

    Halloween is by far my favorite time of year. I loved dressing up as a kid and coming home after trick or treating with a bag full of candy…

  11. Victoria Bayne says

    From the Wilton website I really like the “finger foods candy”. I think my kids will get a kick out of making those.

  12. debp says

    I am 13 years older than my sister. I always took her trick or treating. There was a boy around the block that had a crush on me, (and didn’t really know how to show it). He knew we would be coming around, so he climbed his huge tree to hang a dummy in it, that he could lower down to scare me. He did it, and it scared my sister so badly she wet her pants. He felt really bad about it. I don’t know if my sister even remembers it, but to this day, she hates it when people hang things in trees at halloween.
    [email protected]

  13. debp says

  14. AngieG says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is now taking my son, 3, trick-or-treating. He is already so excited to go this year. He makes it so fun for me! Then, I put him to bed and stay up and watch a scary movie….while munching on leftover candy! That’s my favorite way to spend the day. :)

  15. says

    FUN! Halloween is such a fun holiday! :) My dad always took my sister and I trick-or-treating and that was a really fun dad & daughter time! Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. Alicia Clinton says

    My dad loves halloween, at the church’s yearly fun fest as a kid, my sis and I got the neatest costumes, homemade by my dad. The best and most memorable was the year after we almost lost him. My miracle dad decided he was gonna wow the Catholic Church crowd and be in complete disguise, he found the biggest bra, sexy silver shoes, fishnets, and probably an old gymnastics outfit of mine, a black godiva wig and we left for church. No one knew who he was and when they did it was the best laugh of the year. That year my sis and I were probably gypsies (easy one to make out of mom’s old clothes and jewelry) and my mom was a nun, what a great time it was. (thanks for the chance to get goodies and to share my crazy stories!)

  17. Chelsea says

    I think some of my best memories of trick or treating were of dressing up our dog to go with us! One year she was my baby and wore a bonnet and dress. It was too funny!

  18. Andrea Dorn says

    One year, I made a pizza with a jack-o-lantern face, cobweb brownies, and an orange punch drink. My girls loved it.

  19. says

    I remember one Halloween and it snowed and we live in an area where we don’t get snow very much so our snow shoes were plastic bags! Trick or treating that year was done at the mall too!

  20. Bec says

    Last year I made DD’s costume-she was a devil princess-not sure who had more fun-me making the costume or her wearing it!

  21. says

    My youngest daughter had had the misfortune of watching Halloween when she was about three, with one of her older siblings. Soooo…she was pretty much terrified of “the guy” (her name for Michael Myers). When Halloween came, she refused to go out for Halloween, and stayed with my parents, to give out candy. When kids would come to the door, she would peek around the doorway to see if they were fun or scary…and if they were “scary,” she would take off like a shot to the recliner, where she would sit, peeking toward the trick-or-treaters, and would tell my parents, “It’s the guy” and sit there til they left. It’s not funny, but well…it kinda is.

  22. says

    I love Halloween, one year, I went to a haunted maze with my best friend. It was in Dallas and it was a huge scary maze. I kept telling myself, I’ll be ok as long as they dont’ touch me, they won’t touch me, they’re not allowed to touch me. Then, one of them touched me and I screamed like someone was killing me. I havne’t been in a haunted maze since.

  23. says

    My Mom always made our costumes and one year I was a bat. She used two 2x4s with black tarp in between for the wings. She told me to flap them. I tried to tell her I shouldn’t and when I did I gave my mom a black eye. I felt so bad. she still brings it up to this day.

  24. JoeAnn says

    My grandkids and I would have a freak in time with this..We try to bake together for every holiday. This wuld add greatly to our collection of pot and pans. This year we are going to all dress up as different rock stars…I cann’t wait to see what they plan for me. with 16 grands I am always having fun

  25. says

    I wish I had good halloween ideas… I make rice crispy ghosts with my boys last year, but they really didnt turn out (luckily they are tasty no matter what!)

  26. says

    Every year since my now 5 year old was 2, we would watch Nick Jr. they have a song on there called, “I don’t like candy corn”. Well, we LOVE candy corn, so we would sing the song and say, “We Love candy corn”.
    Then we would eat it =)

  27. Debbie Welchert says

    On halloween we usually go treak or treating and then we go to BurgerKing for their $1 hamburgers and then go home and go through all the candy to make sure it’s safe.

  28. clare says

    not many stories: just the typical trick or treating, candy sorting, scaring the people who are supposed to scare you… good stuff.

  29. says

    We always attend the fall festival at our Church. Last year the theme was Bible Characters. Unfortunately my grandsons were the only ones there dressed as Bible Characters. We had princesses, goblins, cowboys, cowgirls, ghosts, and more but only two sweet and precious Bible Characters. Lil Man was David with sling shot and all. Lil Bit was still small enough to swaddle and put in a Moses basket so he went as baby Moses. They were both too cute.

  30. says

    I’ve been looking for something simple yet very fun to do with Lil Man’s class for all of the holidays, including Halloween. I really like the many different cupcake ideas offered by Wilton. The pumpkin cupcakes would be simple and the kids would love to decorate them. Spiders would be fun too.

  31. Chelsea says

    This story is from one Halloween when I was a little kid trick or treating. We didn’t live in town, so we drove place to place to trick or treat. When we arrived at one of our fmaily friend’s house there was a scare crow on the front porch propped in a chair and a bowl of snickers candy bars on the table beside it. Scare crows aren’t an unusual decoration for fall, so we thought nothing of this. We walked up and before knocking noticed a note that said “Happy Halloween. We’re not home, but please take ONE candy bar from the bowl on the table” So we reached in to take a candy bar from the bowl when the scare crow reached over and grabbed our hands! My sister and I screamed so loud! Ha ha. It makes me wonder how long he had to be sitting there really still waiting on kids to come. We laughed so hard afterwards. I’ll never forget that!

  32. Carla Skiles says

    When I was in 3rd grade and my little brother was in 1st grade, we came home all excited with our bags of candy to share and trade with each other and then found out that we had broken out with chicken pox! That was a Halloween that I will NEVER forget!

  33. Ashly Lower says

    LOL! I remember the first Halloween me & my husband dated – you should have seen his dorky costume – he wore a box that had a gift tag on it To: Women From: God…..

    So he was God’s gift to woman…… see how gullible I am! No just kidding – really he is quite the blessing in my life, it just still cracks me up!

  34. says

    Every year my two daughters are so excited to trick or treat but after a few houses they just want to come home and pass out the candy, their favorite part

  35. Doris says

    When my kids were little, they wanted to work on their pumpkin while I was making dinner. After cutting the pumpkin open, I sent them to the bathroom to scoop out the inside. All went well, until a few weeks later when pumpkin plants started to grow in the bathroom sink where they lost a few seeds.

  36. Ashly Lower says

    My sons first halloween he was a little lion – he looked so darn cute but could barely move in the costume! Now he is 9 years old and I can’t believe how time has flown. Maybe my daughter can be the lion this year though – she is 1 and we still have the costume!
    Ashlower8701 at gmail.com

  37. Melissa Barnes says

    When my daughter was 3 we went trick or treating and she did her trick or treat to some people and they let her pick her own candy out of the basket …they had a hand in the basket that grabbed her hand when she went to get her candy and scared her so bad – she would pick any candy out of anyone elses after that – she talked about it for years too!

  38. says

    These are so cute! My favorite Halloween was when my youngest was only 3 months old. All four kids dressed up as ninjas and we went trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. It was the first time we were all dressed up as a family, and they all looked so cute as little ninja assassins.

  39. nan lara says

    when my son was almost 2..his big thrill on halloween was running up to peoples houses and sitting on their stoops..which is something he loved to do at home..he didn’t really get the candy part..just wanted their stoops
    nannypanpan at sbcglobal.net

  40. thepricklypinecone says

    My favorite halloween memory is dressing up as a a box of chocolate and knocking on doors letting people take a chocolate from my box!

  41. Tracy Snyder says

    A Halloween in the 80’s and my boys were in high school with a halloween party planned at our house, instead of nice, end of October we had a very early 8 inches of snow! There was sledding and hot chocolate instead of Halloween treats.

  42. Cassi Barreras says

    WOW!!!TO ACOWBOYSWIFE 1ST off I just wanted to tell you THANK-YOU FOR MAKING ME GET ALL EXCITEd & SMILING!!THE MIN I BY ACCIDENT CAME APON YOUR SITE & SAW THIS PIC OF ALL THIS AMAZING FUN GIVE AWAY STUFF! The past 3wks have been wodrst days of my life! MY DAD 46yrs old was Diagnosed with colon cancer doctors found a tumor sz of baseball when they got him into surgery opened DAD up & the tumor had erupted they cut out 15inches of his colon @ same time the cancer & infection spread thru his stomach! Got to go home few days but the infections started coming from the inside out so his staples had to be removed & they pack the whole he lost 37lbs in 3 wks still cant eat or drink on feeding bag!so dad can no longer work! ALL my life i’ve never seen my dad miss a day of work or stay down cuz he was sick it’s never happen! So now i’m doing raffle &bake sales been trying to decorate things halloween &fall but not having much luck!So when i seen this giveaway i got so excited! This would make not only things so easy but CUTE FUN & Could get some good profits coming in to help my DAD!!! THANKS FOR MAKING ME SMILE!!! GOD BLESS ALL!

  43. MamaKat says

    One of my ‘hobbies’ as a child was dressing up my cat and dog. When I was about 9 years old, I went all out with their outfits and made sure that they were near the door when people came to the house. People were going crazy and sending their friends to our house and coming back later with their parents. My mother had to go out for more candy…twice! I was never allowed to do that again!

  44. Rebecca Graham says

    When my son was younger, he went trick or treating with his friends. They went to a neightbor’s house and she put a kitten in his trick or treat basket. We still have that cat. She is now an 11 year old calico and is so precious.

  45. jeanine says

    i never knew the true joys of halloween as a child because i grew up in a community where you trick-or-treated the saturday before halloween in the day time! i just always thought that was how it was. imagine the fun i get to have with my 5 kids now that i live somewhere that has trick-or-treating ON halloween in the DARK! :)

  46. Jen Harriman says

    I miss trick or treating like we did as kids, going all over town to every trailer park or apartment complex, housing development all night long it felt like. Now (and mostly because of my husband) we drive all over town acting like we’re looking for a place to go, the kids don’t get near as much as we used to. He’s kind of a Halloween butt head lol

  47. Tesa S. says

    Once at a slumber party during Junior High, we all went to a graveyard and walked around in the dark. One girl’s foot went through a hole near a grave. EEEEEEKKKK!!!!
    tesashel225 (@) aol (.com)

  48. Diane Baum says

  49. Ellie Wright says

    When I was a kid my elementary school always had a Halloween carnival. I never failed to win a cake or two on the cake walk game. I wasn’t fond of sweets as a child but I loved winning those cakes. I would take them home for my dad, who was housebound, to eat.

  50. Ellie Wright says

    I love the Witches’ Fingers Cookies. I bet my 2 year old wouldn’t go near them though. He’s a scaredy cat. LOL

  51. says

    When my daughter was 3 we took her trick or treating, we went up to this one ladies house and she gave her a little treat bag with a coupon, pencil and a candy bar, well my daughter couldn’t see the candy bar so she handed the lady back the back and told her she wanted candy. I wanted to get under the porch and not come back out.

  52. Ed Nemmers says

    We hide a rubber skeleton around the house during the month of October. It falls out of the medicine cabinet and gets stuffed in pillows!

  53. nan lara says

    when my son was 1 we dressed him as popeye and to make the costume perfect i contacted a spinach co. and they were so cool to send us one of their large cans for free to use as his trick or treatpail..it was awesome
    nannypanpan at sbcglobal.net

  54. Debra F says

    When I was a kid we lived on a very busy main road, so my parents didn’t let me trick or treat. I was so excited to take my son out when he was just walking for his first Halloween – yes, I was living vicariously through him. He was a pumpkin and so cute and we started out, but the boy was just too scared to go to any houses….so he stayed on the street with my hubby and I went ringing doorbells! I had a blast.

  55. Debra F says

    I’ve been wanting their Cupcakes ‘N More® 23 Count Standard Dessert Stand for a while now. We always have neighborhood parties where we make cupcakes and let the kids decorate them, and this would be so great for that.

  56. Linda says

    I remember going trick or treating when young, we would go through our whole neighborhood, we got so much candy that mom would freeze alot of it .

  57. Jenniferer B. says

    When I was a kid, the tradition was to hit the road running house to house for the 2 hours we were allowed to trick a treat. We never did make it to all the houses but we didn’t stop trying to make that goal. Now, it is fun to go out with my kids and they think they have to explain what they are doing to me, like I wouldn’t understand.


  58. Amy says

  59. Amy says

  60. clare/icitea says

    back with another. Hm…

    one year when I was still a kid, I went to a house with a giant window display… of christmas lights. This was halloween night, but they had a christmas tree and everything inside the house…! I didn’t quite know what to think. Can’t remember if they had candy for me or not…

  61. Pauline M says

    We make it a point to make realy cool halloween outfits every year. Though I know it would be easier to buy them, we have a great time coming up with the unusual. The best one yet was the year the whole family went as condiments. Dad and Mom were ketchup and mustard, and the kids were salt and pepper with the baby, a bottle of mayo…. yes, we won the coolest costumes that year!

  62. shelly says

    Last year when my twin girls were one we went to the party the town has for the kids. You play games and get candy. My daughters thought it was great but they just kept wanting to go to the front of the lines not stand and wait their turn & kept tugging on me and looking at me like I was stupid for standing around waiting instead of going to the front and playing and getting candy. I tried to explain but reasoning with 17month olds doesn’t always happen.

  63. Susan R. says

    Since my oldest son was little (he’s now 17) we have been playing the Halloween Phantom of the neighborhood. On October 1st, we take home-baked treats to anywhere from 3 to 10 neighbors, depending on how much time we have that year, with a note that says they have been struck by the neighborhood Phantom and they must deliver treats to 2 of their neighbors or risk the wrath of the Phantom. My kids love to leave the treats, ring the doorbell, and run like crazy. We did it to our neighbors across the street for several years and their son got to where he would wait for it every year trying to catch the Phantom. My son was so proud of the fact that he was never caught! Once a family had been struck, they had to put a sign in their window alerting everyone that they had already been visited so they would not get struck more than once. It is so much fun to see those signs go up on almost every door in the neighborhood as it spreads. :)

  64. Bev says

    My sister dressed up as a witch one year and passed out candy from a big black cauldron. The next day her son came home from school and said his classmates loved his house and lots of them had come back more then once, just to see the old witch. lol. This would be great to win, I could make a lot of neat cookies for halloween. Thanks for having the contest!

  65. Molly K says

    I remember my last year I went trick or treating. I think I was about 13. We got over 30″ of snow that night. It started snowing in the afternoon and snowed all night long. We were trick or treating in ankle deep snow.

  66. says

    When I was young, my mom always sewed me really elaborate Halloween costumes. Some of them were Little Bo Peep, Peter Pan, Oscar the Grouch, etc. I still have them all – they’re amazing!

  67. cwaltz says

    Sigh. Halloween means cold season. My younger two have not been able to trick or treat for the last 2 years because of the flu. They did dress up (I buy costumes on clearance for the following year)and have a scary movie a thon and I did get them some candy to munch on. Here’s to hoping everyone will stay germ free this year. My older two don’t trick or treat. They’re too old. Literally, the law doesn’t allow anyone over 16 to trick or treat here. So instead they head to the local roller rink where wearing a costume gets you in free(you pay for skate rental).

    [email protected]

  68. cwaltz says

  69. cwaltz says

  70. susitravl says

    When I decided I was going to start socializing again after my husband died, my coworkers made me an awesome Grecian Goddess costume for a Halloween party. It did wonders for my confidence and I even met a couple of people. I have loved Halloween even more since then.


  71. says

    What an awesome giveaway!

    I am a little sad to say I don’t have too many Halloween stories from recent years, I have neglected to get dressed up and go have fun. But a fun Halloween was last year I was on a trip with my mom in Sedona Arizona, and we spent a lovely evening downtown watching families trick or treat along the main street.

  72. juau4 says

    We’ve had some FUN Halloweens! Though I remember one year that it rained so hard! …Like torrential downpours and my daughter cried SO hard. I tried to talk her into wearing a garbage bag over her costume…..it just made her cry harder!

  73. Katie R. says

    Every halloween my parents and I get together and carve pumpkins. My stepdad is a skilled artist and his pumpkin always turns out amazing. My mom and I usually cheat and use stencils but we still have a great time.

  74. heather Prunty says

    I come from a family of five, so needless to say all holidays were special but none got our creative juices flowing as halloween. My mother made our coustumes by hand every year and decorated the house to the T. One Halloween I was exremely ill so got the honors of helping pass candy out, since I was unable to trick or treat. That year my mother and father went a bit over board, playing spooky music from the upstairs windows, spider webs, strobe lights it was so good the local news came and did a store on it. my uncle sat on a 6ft high ladder dressed as the grim reeper with the accessory of the slith (made from an old hockey stick). My father who was harnessed had my mother “make his face up” like a dead man and hung a nuse from his neck and attached it to the tree. Because the harness gave him support without fear of strangluation it looked extremely real. Dad hung there and when one little girl came by and looked up, then commented to her mother, “mommy doesnt that look so real”, and my father’s eyes popped open and he said “because it is real”. She ran running down the street. It was cruel but had the true spirits of Halloween intact. I was ill and still got to witness “tricks and Treats”. From that moment on, Halloween became my favorite hoilday and when I have children I plan to be as wickedly creative as my parents.


  75. Darcy B says

    Every year I buy a dozen bags of candy and decorate my apartment, I run around like crazy to get home by 5:30, dress up and wait to hand out candy. One year I got 3 trick-or treaters usually I get a big fat zero! It’s so sad –my apartment is in the back and if the apartment in front of us doesn’t have their porch light on —no one ventures back to our apartment. I still hope!

  76. susan lee wiener says

    I remember one Halloween when I was little my mom had left pennies for my father to give out. Dad didn’t feel like getting up to answer the door, so every time a ‘trick or treater’ came to the door, rang the bell and said, ‘trick or treat,’ Dad played a trick on them and said, “Nobody’s home!”

  77. shannon Baas says

    Didn’t do much trick or treating as a kid as we lived way out in the country but we had a lot of fun doing it.

  78. says

    I am so OLD school that we were the kids who took pillowcases- got them filled will full sized candy, went home and dumped them then went back out to trick or treat more since there was still time in that 3 hour window- why we weren’t obese back then is a mystery. ;)

  79. EMMA L HORTON says


  80. says

    Every year my whole family goes to a state park (one state over)and stay in cabins for Halloween. They have a huge rv section which is loaded with rv’s from our state. They have HUGE trick or treating there. It is quite the show. From haunted houses, to pumpkin graveyards and with some of the most unique costumes you have ever seen. It is a blast and something that our children will remember forever.

    Thank you for the entry, Great giveaway!

  81. Veronica Garrett says

    I remember when our school had Halloween Carnivals to raise money. Every classroom would decorate their doors. Teachers would dress up. There would be cake walks and games.

  82. Kimberly says

    This giveaway is sooo awesome!!!
    Once me and my friends, when I was younger, we went to a abandoned house across my street. A neighbor told us some stories about there being pots of blood and killers hiding in there. Many of my friends went in even though I didn’t have the courage to do so.

  83. Deborah Wellenstein says

    My Dad tells the story of taking me trick or treating when I was about 3. We went up to one lady’s house-she put candy in my bag-I looked in the bag, I looked at the lady, and said “Is that all?” A question I’ve been asking my whole life! Thanks!

  84. Nanette Olson says

    We have some neighbors who decorate their entire yard with spooky creatures and cemetary settings. When Halloween comes they dress as witches to greet the trick-or-treaters. Some of the little ones are too afraid to enter this spooky realm and some of the older ones too. But they always have the best treats so the children try not to show their fear because they want these great goodies.

  85. Jenn S. says

    Last Halloween, my little guy was so upset that he got candy when he went trick or treating. I guess we watched The Great Pumpkin too many times. He was looking forward to rocks. LOL.

  86. April J says

    Last halloween for our party I set up a haunted scavenger hunt for my guests, they can’t wait to do it againn we had so much fun.

  87. Steph says

    Last Halloween was my kids first time trick or treating and we took them to my parents house and to their neighbors. At the elderly neighbors house, the door was answered, candy was given out and both my kids walked right in and sat down to talk to them…they loved it.

  88. nan lara says

    i remember one yearwhen i was a kid we counted the number of houses and we hit 100…it was awesome..almost the whole pillowcase was full
    nannypanpan at sbcglobal.net

  89. Corinne Kurzmann says

  90. Corinne Kurzmann says

  91. Corinne Kurzmann says

  92. Corinne Kurzmann says

  93. says

    Last year my hubby and I made a bacon costume for him and an egg costume for me. Now the kids want to be pancakes and juice to round out the breakfast!

  94. Amy Delong says

    we love halloween and are having our annual party for our kids and there friends!

  95. DeeAnn S says

    I love to dress up and surprise the kiddies when they come to the door for their treats. One year I was a scary old hag. I remember opening the door several times, and the children went scurrying back to the parents who were waiting on the sidewalk. It was so funny, the parents laughed and when the kids realized it was only me, well the candy went flying, word got around the neighborhood about my costume and we quickly ran out of goodies. It was great!

  96. DeeAnn S says

    From the Wilton site – I like the Bewitching Hat Crispy Rice Cereal Treat. I’ll be making them for the Halloween party coming up soon. Thanks.

  97. Roxann says

    We love to decorate the house and carve pumpkins. We haven’t decided on costumes yet but we better figure it out soon.

  98. Julie L says

    The first time we took our eldest child out for trick or treating-he was so excited till he got to the first house-the lady was dressed up like a witch-well that was the end of his trick or treating ;)
    thanks for the giveaway

  99. Colleen says

    My 2 grandaughters and I love to decorate my buffet in the dining room with different themes, right now it is done with Halloween in mind. It has ghosts, pumpkins and little charchters dressed in Hallowwen costumes. We will bake cupcakes soon in Hallowwen themed paper cups and we can’t forget the spooky sprinkles that go on top of the frosting.

  100. alycep says

    When I was a child many years ago, my mother was a seamtress and always made my costumes. I remember we had a town Halloween parade and there were prizes for the best costumes. I always won-I remember going as a pumpkin and a butterfly best. It seems now there is more of the store bought costumes which is a shame as the all look the same.Itmis also a shame that parents must worry about their children going out. Things were safer and simpler years ago. I get very few children now days.

  101. McKim says

    The first time we took our son trick-or-treating we went up to a neighbor’s door. When she opened it up I asked my son what he should say – thinking he would say Trick or Treat. He looks at her and says “put it in the bag, ok lady!”

  102. Shirley Hodge says

    When my youngest (now a doctor) was 3 his older sister decided it was time he went Halloweening so we cut a couple of eye holes in a pillow case and told him he was a ghost and since he didn’t know what a ghost was he seemed to like it. Anyway off they went and back they came about 5 minutes later with Nick crying and terror stricken. When I asked Sue what on earth had scared him she told me to look out the front door and there standing on the sidewalk was a clown with a flashing nose. So we decided maybe it wasn’t the time for Nick to go Halloweening.

  103. Shirley Hodge says

    My step-neice is getting married in December and since the wedding cake I made for my brother’s wedding is still a family heirloom (pictures of it) I have been drafted to do Jessica’s cake as their budget cannot afford a $300 cake from the bakery. I went into Walton’s and think the Diamonds are Forever will be my choice and I will add some yellow and white roses surrounding it as Jess has decided on a yellow dress for her wedding.

  104. Sand says

    My Grandparents hosted a party every year and we grew up across town so we’d trick or treat around our neighborhood and then do over to their side of town and trick or treat over there.

  105. Michelle Tucker says

    My sisters birthday is on Halloween, so I remember as a kid really enjoying the holiday! Not only would we get to go trick or treating, but we’d have a big halloween themed bash too!

    michelle (at) harrissbb (dotcom)

  106. Charlene Kuser says

    Every year at Halloween our concrete top to the bird bath in our front yard would
    come up missing.They would hide it somewhere close by,because it was too heavy to
    carry a long way.So we would go on a search to find it.We always did,but it was funny
    how they would take that rather than the pumpkins on the front porch

  107. Heather says

    When My nephew was born for his frist halloween we dressed him up as a bear, and took him trick-or-treating. That is one of my favorite Halloween memories.

  108. elizabeth p says

    One year, money was very tight, and my daughter refused to pick out a costume. Finally in desperation I got clear garbage bags and small balloons. I turned her into a bag of Jelly Beans, in the Wal Mart parking lot no less. She hated every moment of it, which made it even cuter. Everyone took pity on the “sour” beans and she got extra candy.

  109. Becky says

    Halloween is fun in our home. I have 3 kids and each one of them decides what they want to be on halloween night and my husband and I figure out how to make the costume. We try to do homemade costumes every year and the kids love it! We also carve pumpkins with the neighborhood a week prior and each bring cookies for all the kids to munch on! My family just loves Halloween b/c it is the start of all holidays!

  110. Dianna says

    My favorite memory of Halloween was my son’s first. My daughter was an angel while my son was a little devil. Was too cute.