Summer Serenity for 3

I love my kids but let’s face it, we moms need a break during Summer when they’re home ALL the time.  I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m not much on decor when it comes to hosting others for entertaining purposes but while I was in Bentonville, I was totally inspired by Walmart’s home decor team.  They had a house beautifully setup for us and we were all in awe of what they used.   While I have much to learn in this area (I clearly lack the eye for it), I did want to at least try to make a nice setting for me and two friends, other moms who also need a little serenity in their lives during the kiddo’s Summer break.

Summer Serenity for 3

I realize it’s kinda basic but this is a huge accomplishment for me.  Some people are gifted with creativity. I am not.  I bought the hand towels at Walmart for $5.48 with 4 in a package. On my trip, they used a beach towel for a super fun beach setting! Don’t the photos inspire you?

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The Centerpiece

I got some planter pots on clearance for the bird bath (coming later) and bought extras. Well I bought a couple of extras and used one as part of the centerpiece.  I used a white plate with the pot in the middle.  The faux flowers also came from walmart and I just stuck two or three stems in there. The little white bowl is the same as the plates. I put it inside the pot, on top of the flowers and filled it with jelly beans.  Then, because one of my friends is particularly healthy, I went with strawberries and grapes around the pot.   I need to eat healthier too anyways!   And that’s all I did.

Summer Entertaining2

The Dinnerware Setting

I used the hand towels as ‘placemats’.  I put a white plate on top, then a smaller, more colorful plate on top of that.  I’m sure if you’ve been to Walmart, you have seen those Margarita glasses or the other ones in the pro’s photo on the right.  They look like glass but are not. They’re very durable and were clearanced to $1 but regular price is $2 so it’s still a deal.

Summer Entertaining3

Since neither of my friends drink alcohol, I went with something young and fun, sno-cone juice!  This is in the seasonal aisle at Walmart.  I wanted them to be colorful to go along with the table setting.  I crushed up some ice in my Blendtec, which basically turned to snow!  I filled each glass and poured the juice!   It’s just a fun drink to kept us cool!

I think I did decent for my first time making a table setting.  And if I didn’t, don’t tell me!  lol   Serenity with casual conversation. Just ideal! I’ll be serving up some chicken Parmesan salad with…hmmmm, Plum Torte for dessert?
Do you guys decorate when hosting get-togethers?

Summer Entertaining decor


Disclosure: I am an official Walmart Mom. Walmart has provided me with compensation and gift card in return for my time & efforts to create this post. Opinions are my own, always.

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