Super Easy No Fail Brisket on the Grill

If you think brisket is hard to cook, think again.  It’s super easy and with my no fail recipe, you’ll have a tasty peice of meat to serve at the next summer party! My brother-in-law actually cooked the one below.  I just stood around taking pictures and a laughing at his sticking the garlic in the meat technique.  With that said, lets begin…….


  • 1 Brisket
  • Your choice of seasoning
  • Garlic Cloves (optional)

You’ll also need some foil.


Pat your seasoning into your brisket.  This part is optional: Slice a small hole in the gut of the brisket and shove a piece of garlic clove in there for added flavor.  Now head out and throw onto the grill and sear on both sides for about 15-20 minutes.  Take the brisket off and wrap in foil.  You can add lemons or something at this point for more added flavor.  Perhaps some liquid smoke?  Now put the brisket back onto the grill wrapped in foil and let cook smoke for a few hours. Depending on the grill temperature, I’d say about 4-6 hrs.  That’s it!  Super duper easy and super duper good!!!

Now this is where you wrap in foil and stuff.  Why don’t I have a picture?  Because I took a nap.  That don’t happen very often either!

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