Surely I Have Two Weeks Worth of Mamavation?

I recently signed up for Mamavation’s Two Week Challenge.  The first 100 people received a free membership to where we can access workouts, journal, forum, recipes, and much more.   Everyone who completes the challenge will be entered into a drawing for some great stuff!  Challenge is from October 29th, 2012 – November 12, 2012.

Operation fatty has been going on with me for years now.  I can’t seem to be consistent but I do notice that my habits are getting better these days. I’m learning when enough is enough. I’m drinking more water, less soda.  I’m finding ways to get some sort of exercise in, no matter how minimal it may seem.  So when I saw this two week challenge, I figured, “Surely I can go for two weeks”.  At first I was scared to log in to the Bob Harper website and see the hard, vigorous workouts but after skimming through the exercises, I was put at ease. They’re actually pretty basic moves, moves that even I feel I can do, and keep doing consistently.

For the two week challenge, I’ll be doing the following:


Monday, Tuesday, and Fridays will be my official workout days.  I hope to get some walking in there too because I really do love listening to Joyce Meyer while walking. BUT, if I don’t, I’ll be okay with that too. I don’t want to make myself feel down or like a big fat failure just because I didn’t do the extras.  Some of the exercises include, lunges, jogging in place, jumping jacks, squats, and bridgeups.


I’ll be wearing the Zaggora pants while working out and during housecleaning.  These are proven to help you lose weight faster–energy expenditure, temperature increase, calorie burn.



I’ll definitely consume more water.  I plan on putting a pitcher of water in the fridge so that it will be nice and cold!  I’ve also heard that drinking COLD water burns calories. Something about your body having to work harder to make it body temperature or something.  I still may have a Dr. Pepper on occasion, but it won’t be much at all.  I’ll try to watch the amount of food I eat.  If I can eat healthy, I will but I believe amounts are my big problem.  I eat and eat until I can’t move.


I’ll write down measurements, updates, and all the changes I see or feel.  This will be a great way to see if two weeks really did make a difference.  I also took before shots.

As I get older, I realize that things get harder for my body.  I know that I need to do something about it and I think this is a great way to begin…again.  Mamavation is consumed with an amazing, supportive community and I’m hoping that at least one or two of them will keep me on my toes and hold me accountable.  Wish me luck!



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  1. Vicki says

    You go girl!! I am with you! SURELY three days of exercise a week won’t kill us! Now, doing without dr pepper and mashed potatoes might be another story! Haha! Let’s not get crazy!

  2. says

    I know you can do anything you set your eyes on. I too have struggled my entire life with weight and resisted measuring my food and keeping a food diary but finally caved last year when my husband and I started together. He counted calories while I cut back. He was losing 9-11 lbs a week and I lost 4-5 and then started gaining. Without measuring I didn’t know what a serving size really was but once I did I’ve lost about 20 lbs (he’s lost over 70) but that was even with a summer full of steroids and other meds that cause weight gain. It’s a lifestyle change. We don’t deprive ourselves of ANYTHING. We still have mashed potatoes but maybe 1/2-1 serving. Mac and Cheese, sure but only 1 serving. A craving for chocolate might get us a candy bar IF we’ve been good all week and IF it fits in with our daily calorie count. I figure out what’s for dinner in the morning or the night before so I can plan the rest of my meals around that. Difficult at first but now it’s habit.