SXSW Wrap Up!

Wow! What a fun conference to attend. I was able to attend the conference thanks to my sponsors, Walmart and ConAgra.

Saturday, I arrived in Austin at 9am. I took the standby flights at 5:50am to get there early so that I’d have just a little bit more time to network and hangout with some of my best friends. I met up with Chris and Tara first since my room buddy Arianne was out with Audrey somewhere. We ran a few errands first, then registered and dove into the trade show. HUGE! We had our very chic bags where we stuffed all the goodies into from all the vendors. Later we went to the Mercury Mambo Party where we mingled, drank Mexican beer and got a t-shirt printed right there in front of us! This is also where I finally got to meet Stacy DeBroff, from Mom Central, who I LOVED!!

After that was over we drifted here and there and ended up at restaurant (tapas) that were not so hot.Got back to our rooms where me and Ari ordered room service and rented a movie, that we both fell asleep to!

Sunday was a little busier. We had a great breakfast at the hotel, and I mean great! We hung out with Jeremy Wright, each other, and John most of the afternoon. It was fun just hanging out and getting to meet Jeremy. He’s sort of a big deal you know;) Erika was with us too and she’s not only beautiful, but very smart and funny. I heart her.

John, Tara, Chris, Erika, me and a few others made our way through some halls where we made a quick video to make our Pledge to End Hunger.   PLEASE do this.  You will help so many kids eat by making the pledge.

It was time to get ready for the Kirtsy/Alltop party, which was to be held in the back of Allen’s Boots. They handed us a bandanna (which I wrapped around my leg) and gave us name tags. We made our way through the crowd to see a buffet style setup of barbecue and the tunes of Diane Birch, who I absolutely loved!  There were tons of people there like Maggie, Guy (who also took a group picture with the eleven moms), and the very nice John Kim from Whrrl.  Very fun party that I didn’t want to leave but had to.  Why?

Cause of the Texas Social Media Awards.  Remember?  I won one.  Anyways, I took a cab over to it and stood in line as they introduced the winners one by one, with the overall winner in the back of the line.  Who was it?  The very kind Michelle Greer.  It was quite an honor to be standing next to those people and to be honest, I felt like I shouldn’t have been there.  They all have done so much more than me….sorta felt out of place.  Nevertheless, I did get my award, a cute star!

I was out the door pretty quick to head to the Zone Perfect party.  I couldn’t find a cab so I rode a bicycle cab (not sure what it’s actually called).  She was very nice and was able to handle all 190 pounds of me.

Unfortunately I got to the party right as it was over.  Oh well, it looked like it was great and there was a cool band I was told!

Later that evening, me-Ari-Chris-Tara went back to the room where we gave each other dance lessons and I must say, that Ari can really throw her head back and Beyonce doesn’t have anything on her!

Monday morning comes early with a meeting with my sponsor, ConAgra.  We tried some of their new Healthy Choice meals, gave feedback and just had a great time getting to know them.

We did a few morning things and then took ourselves to a luncheon held by One2One Network where we ate and listened to Diane Birch play live on the piano for us.  It was AWESOME.  Her voice is amazing and the words were very easy to relate to.

We decided to walk back to the hotel, stopping for 5 minutes to give fashion advice.  Sadly, it was my time to go.  I had to pack and be on my way…..which will be continued in another post.

It was a great conference and I’m so glad I had the chance to attend.  Thank you to all the sponsors (Tyson who actually supplied our families with food while were gone!!, Hershey’s Fast Fixins and the Rockfish team!

It was wonderful to meet and see the other Eleven Moms too.

Had a blast and hope to attend SXSW 10′ !!

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  1. says

    Two quick notes: Yes, yes, I noticed the sarcastic winky face directed at me! Grrrr…. And, second, I think there’s a small section of the week missing ;-) (<<< this is also a sarcastic winky face!)

  2. A Cowboy's Wife says

    @Jeremy If you only knew how bad I wanted to add that small section in here!! Normally I would have too but I have dear friends to think about..DANG IT!

  3. says

    Lori, I’m a little late connecting back up after SXSW, but I wanted to say hi (we met at the Social Media Awards – I was a couple people before you in the awards line). :) You totally deserve to be in that group! I think your blog is great and I am constantly amazed at how much you do. So, congratulations again!

  4. says

    Great write up, sounds like you had a great time in Austin. Congratulations on your social media award! Hope you enjoyed the Guy/Girl party as much as we enjoyed hosting it and that we see you again next year! (thanks for the mention, and the link, btw)