Ta-Da! Makeover Magic

The girls at the Oak St. Salon did a heck of job in my opinion! My hair dresser Kim felt so bad when she cut my hair but she shouldn’t have. See, I told her to cut it off, of course after the pressure of everyone saying cut it off;) Anyways, it was after the cut when I broke down. It was so short and it was what I asked for but it was hard for me to come to terms with it.

After about an hour of crying, me and Kim decided I needed a small break to gather my thoughts and just breathe. That’s when I make the quick video. Once we got started again, I cried a little on and off but finally calmed down during the caramel highlights. And then once they started stylin’ it, I just closed my eyes and waited.

When I opened them, I was looking for me because I sure didn’t see ME in the mirror. I was shocked at the difference!! I couldn’t believe how extreme but beautiful it was. It was the first time in my life that I felt hip and pretty. I loved it! It sorta gave me this new confidence.

So thank you to Kim for cutting, stylin’, and dealing with this crybaby! Thank you to Debra, Nandy, and Kristie for helping!  Ya’ll were great!  And of course to Wal-Mart for giving me this opportunity that not only gives me a great profile picture, but has given me a new outlook on myself and what I can accomplish.

Finally, I must thank Kathy for taking the photos.  Exceptional and I’m proud that she’s my Aunt and made me feel comfortable throughout the shoot!! :)

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  1. says

    You are beautiful… (AND I’m so so so so glad you posted this because THIS HAIRDO is exactly the one I want… now do you think the hairdresser can do the makeup and all to make me look like you too???) Tee hee! Hope you’re going out to celebrate your “new” beautifulness.

    QuietMoms last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – Yum!

  2. daisysmom says

    This ‘do’ brought you into the 21st century! It is sooo much better! I am always amazed by women who feel they need to hold on to long hair to maintain their feminity. YOU look great!

  3. Genie says

    WOW!!! You have always been pretty, but now you are gorgeous! (Bet your man can’t keep his eyes off you.) Congrats on the new look. Go out and enjoy you new “hotness”!

  4. says

    goodbye, 80’s hehehe, welcome to 2008…..your hair looks awesome! were you able to donate your hair? i think the new ‘do’ is definitely you. everyone did a great job on it. :) sometimes it’s hard to let go of something that you’ve had for so long, but in the end, it’s just hair, right? :)

    ciaras last blog post..Weekend Happenings #5

  5. Tanya Moyer says

    As a woman, I can totally relate to how much your hair is a part of you! It’s a tough decision to cut it off. But I have to say…you look amazing! I loved your hair before (I’m blonde with stick-straight hair, so I’m always a tiny bit jealous of dark curly hair :oP), but I really like your new style with the highlights!


  6. Jackie says

    OMG!!! Lori…you look stunning!!!!! I did a double take when I opened your site and looked up to see that I had the right address. So beautiful!!! What did all your boys say????

  7. says

    I LOVE it! I saw the post the other day of how you’ve had the same hairstyle since you were 18, and you truly did look the same. (which isn’t something to complain about) Only now after seeing your new style did I realize that the other was not doing you justice. This hair style rocks!!!

    Heather Bs last blog post..Razor Review

  8. says

    Lori –

    I am sorry it was somewhat traumatic to you but so glad you hung in there because the end result is nothing short of stunning! I think it is a perfect look with who you are and you should be loving it in no time. The real question is though, what did your men think?;)

  9. says

    All big changes make us a little emotional, don’t they? You were tied to that look for many years, and I’m sure it was hard to let go of. You do look very hip and pretty now, and I’m sure you’ve gotten a ton of comments (online and in person) to that effect. Congratuations!

    Tara @ Feels like homes last blog post..A month of make believe

  10. says

    You look soo chic! I am very proud of you. I always thought you would look great with less hair. We can actually see you instead of all the hair. I am very happy for you. What does your dh think?

    farmnwifes last blog post..Good-bye, Troy.