Baby Raccoons in the Barn Wall

baby raccoon

Actually, the baby raccoons are in the shop-barn wall, five of them from what we could see. My husband could hear their little noises & whimpers and after investigating, noticed they looked stuck. We had to unscrew the tin on the outside of the barn wall to get to them. We moved them around a bit and propped the tin just slightly open so … [Read more...]

Armadillo for Supper


BWUAHAHAHAHAHA...Just kiddin'! Or am I?? LOL So my husband caught this armadillo yesterday for my son to check out. He's caught some before but this was the first time little man got to see one up close! Anyways, I just wanted to share pics with your for those who have never seen one up close. So, is it a female I guess??? You tell me! … [Read more...]

Vignette – Animals

Horse Eye

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With a Chick Chick Here and

baby chicks

a chick chick know the song! We've got baby chicks hatching, guineas, turkey and big chickens all in a row:) This doesn't count the chivo, 3 dogs, y caballos either. Can you top that?? Would love to hear about your animals! Oh, and those numbers on the eggs are dates so that we'll know when they're supposed to … [Read more...]

Leapin’ Lizard!


I'm starting to wonder if it's lizard mating season because everywhere you look, you'll see lizards on the wall, lizards on the swing, and even lizards staring at you! You do know that lizards can bite doncha? I've never been bit, nor do I know anyone who has but they can be very dangerous if not treated. I mean, who knows, you could have a … [Read more...]

Elk in the Rolling Plains?


We're driving down some dirt roads here by where we live, back roads that have been travelled by me and my man many times;)  Anyways, there's one of those wildlife thingamajigs over there and we took the little man to see the elk.  It's funny really, all those times where we used to live, I never got to see an elk up close.  Oh my husband did many … [Read more...]

3 Random Photos of Animals and Ramble


With everything going on on blogland, I just don't have time to do much.  I've got my food blog and a giveaway going on there right now.  I've got my weigh in tomorrow on my girly blog.  I'm a co-author on a new blog that needs to be updated Mon, Wed, and Fri.  This doesn't even include my blogging tips blog, nor does it include my 2 other blogs … [Read more...]

Elmer is Da Man

You know, Elmer really is a beautiful horse.  He's huge with a golden mane and tail and he really is a 'Gentle Giant'.  Our friends we're here this weekend and when she called him this, I knew it was the perfect nickname.  … [Read more...]


There will be no rambling roundup today.  I've got too much on my plate right now and frankly, I just don't have time to go around and find interesting posts.  Sorry.  My standmixer contest is over finally.  While I'm thankful for all the entries, links, and votes...I'm glad to not have to deal with that many comments.  I believe the total was … [Read more...]

Follow the Leader

One of the things my husband did on his way to Colorado was pick a colt for his brother from his brother...get it?   What I didn't know is that he would come home with 2 colts!  Yep, he went and bought one on his little visit.  They're cute little boogers ain't they.  Because they wouldn't go into the pens on their own,  my son saddled up and led … [Read more...]

What’s Wrong with this Picture?

Ummm, if I'm not mistaken, I thought horses were faster than goats?  I really didn't expect to see the horses running in for feed time with a goat leading the  He looks kinda cute out there being the leader though. Just in case you're having a hard time spotting him, he's brown and white and right in from of all the horses.   I guess he … [Read more...]

Baby Calves Everywhere

The calves are hitting the ground.  We've got quite a few right now..they're so cute when they're little:)  This one was born today...he still has some wet spots. Don't wanna leave momma. "I ain't been kissin' nobody!" And then they grow up.... … [Read more...]