Operation Fatty: March Weigh In


I knew this last month would be hard because of spring break but we also did a lot of eating for some reason.  Despite that, I think I did well. I noticed that I had more mental issues this time around.  I found it harder to get ready to leave to town for my workouts but once I got there, I felt great working out.   I cheated with food much more … [Read more...]

Operation Fatty: One Month, Measurements Update

weight loss measurements

It's been exactly one month since I've been going hard at Anytime Fitness and hiring Sarah as my personal trainer.    It was a month that I thought would be easier with a trainer and while I find it much more motivating to have a trainer, it definitely isn't easy. Everything about the workout is hard and exhausting, and at times, will have you … [Read more...]

Getting Guns


What a day it was.  Aside from all the errands and sunshine, the my mood was somewhat somber.  I think all the heavy thinking from yesterday put me there.   Sometimes I forget what kind of support system I have around me but when I write posts like I did yesterday, I'm quickly reminded.  I received a lot of emails and messages through facebook with … [Read more...]