Alphabet Art Photography – A Gift I Made for My Friend


Just the other day, my good friend Vicki had her *ahem* 20 birthday.  I thought about what to get her for two weeks and then I actually remembered something.  It seems my memory fails me often these days so I was tickled to remember.  Anyways, we had been browsing a local store, Vicki's Gifts, when she saw this one item and made a statement about … [Read more...]

Cupcakes on the Wall


I have a niece that has a lot of stuff.....for real, she's an only child and she gets just about anything she wants.  While this would make most kids spoiled and bratty like, she is NOT like that at all.  She is sweet and is so excited about the things that she receives.   I was thinking about her this evening...about what I would get her for … [Read more...]

Photoshop for Little Ones


I recently wrote about the cool Vtech V-Motion, which is awesome, but have you seen the cool KidiArt Studio?  This, to me, is like photoshop for the kiddos.  This is a toy that can really bring out the creativity in your little one for sure! It hooks up to your TV or PC so that your child can do simple drawings or even create they're own … [Read more...]