One of 25 Texas Social Media Award Winners

A while back, I found out I was nominated for a Texas Social Media Award and after browsing the list of nominees, knew I had no chance.  So you can only imagine my surprise to find out that I (little ol' me) actually won an award, me and 24 others.  I was uber excited to say the least and honored of course! I'm sure the judges, Internet Editor ... Continue Reading

2nd Place is Okay!

Well, it's official!! I came in second place at the Blogger's Choice Awards for Best Food Blog.  WOOHOO! Of course, I would loved to have come in first but I was 157 votes shy from the ever so popular Pioneer Woman.  That's okay though...I'm proud to have won second place and a total of 300 votes ain't to shabby!  Coming in third was Cake Wrecks ... Continue Reading