Getting My Bliss on at Blissdom ’09 in Nashville

I still can't believe that ME, this ol' country gal, was asked to be on the panel of speakers at the Blissdom Conference on Feb. 6 & 7!  To be quite honest, I don't feel worthy as there are some amazing and talented women that will be there, including  Megan from Velveteen Mind who I was skeered to even approach at Blogher this Summer.  And ... Continue Reading



I know many of you could see my site most of the day but I could not.  Finally, at 11:30pm, I could! I appreciate everyone's patience with it all and I hope that my blogging break and web host drama doesn't drive you away.  So, if you are looking for a great web host, I cannot recommend HostGator enough!  Their customer service RAWKS!  They also ... Continue Reading