Increasing RSS Subscribers


I think we all want more subscribers. It's something that when it's high, we're high, when it's low, we're least much of the time anyways.  Here are a few tips to help you gain subscribers.  * Make a RSS page for feed newbies. Many, many people have no clue what the heck RSS is. How can they subscribe if they don’t know what it is. … [Read more...]

Blogging with Cents: Bloggers, What Does Your Disclosure Say?


With the FTC "laying down the law" on us bloggers, it's time to clean up and refine your disclosure policy. While it's perfectly okay to have a generic statement as your disclosure, I highly recommend your personalize it in your usual writing tone. I also recommend you mark your posts clearly as benefited and/or compensated with whatever your … [Read more...]

Blogging with Cents-How to Create a Simple Banner


Republished post but one I thought might be helpful to some.... I get asked this question a million times so I thought it was high time I answer it.  It’s super easy to create a banner.  Just have an idea of what you want in your head….image, colors, etc. First, I recommend  It’s free and super easy to use & it’s what I’ll be … [Read more...]

Blogging with Cents: Avoiding Bloggers Debt


How much do you spend on your blog  a year?  Have you bought ads on blogs only to have poor results in the end, or spend money on designs & hosting fees only to find yourself in bloggers debt?  We all do it at some point or another so let’s face it head on and figure out how to avoid bloggers debt. CREATE A BLOGGER’S BUDGET It’s always a good … [Read more...]

Blogging with Cents: Offline Marketing Strategies For Affiliate Marketing


The Internet offers plenty of marketing ideas, but not all affiliate marketing tactics occur exclusively on the web. Unfortunately, many business owners limit themselves to online marketing methods. While you may have an online business, adding a few offline marketing strategies can generate amazing results for your affiliate marketing … [Read more...]

Blogging with Cents: Creating a Call to Action


The best blog posts entice visitors to do something with your post. Your goal is ensure that they’re doing the right thing once they have read the post. This is your call to action. Few bloggers get the opportunity to direct their visitors to the next action based on the words in their blog post. But the trick is that every blogger has the key to … [Read more...]