NYC Blogher 2010 Recap

robert Verdi and Lori Falcon at Getting gorgeous

I LOVE NYC and I love Blogher but by Friday night, I was ready to come home!  In fact, I went into "shutdown" mode right before the Hallmark party.  Before I get to the good, I'm gonna start with the not so good and that was mostly the walking.  I have no problem with walking but when you're in NYC, a few blocks to them is like a millions blocks to … [Read more...]

The Blogher Whirlwind


Wow, what an event.  I honestly don't even know where to begin because there was soooooo much happening.  I arrived to Chicago on Wednesday, very perky and left on Sunday completely drained but it was all worth it. The amount of folks that showed up for the Blogher Conference was absolutely amazing.  The sad thing is that there are so many … [Read more...]

Catching Up and Thanking Sponsors

I'm scarce lately because I have a lot on my plate, and it is Summer.  I've made a lot of changes at home to reflect how I work online and I'm hoping that it all helps me to stay organized.  If you don't already know it, I'm official now!  Falcon Media Network, LLC. WOOT!  I've been getting things organized like campaigns I'm working, tax stuff, … [Read more...]

HP Mini Vivienne Tam Edition Notebook

Have you seen it?  OMG, it's beautiful, stylish, powerful and belongs in my hands.  I was just  discussing this little beauty with Jennifer at MBC and we both agree that it's a must have for 2009! I'm leaving for BlissDom tomorrow, SXSW  in March, Blogher in July, probably BWE too and others along the way so how could I not want to show up with … [Read more...]

Getting My Bliss on at Blissdom ’09 in Nashville

I still can't believe that ME, this ol' country gal, was asked to be on the panel of speakers at the Blissdom Conference on Feb. 6 & 7!  To be quite honest, I don't feel worthy as there are some amazing and talented women that will be there, including  Megan from Velveteen Mind who I was skeered to even approach at Blogher this Summer.  And … [Read more...]

Blogher 09 in Chicago on July 23-25

If you recall, last year I won a pass to Blogher in San Fransisco, CA. This year, I plan to have a sponsor while attending Blogher 09 in Chicago!!  I'm very excited to attend this year for several reasons.  I'm looking forward to the networking of course but I really want to meet all the fabulous bloggerst that I haven't met yet!  And being able … [Read more...]

The Blogher End

With all the parties I've been telling you about, I have failed to mention that I did go to a couple of sessions and I networked like crazy.  I found the sessions boring because I felt they were really geared towards the newbies.  I enjoyed meeting all the food bloggers though and was completely embarrassed to have to stand up in front of them all … [Read more...]

The Blogher Middle


Let's see, where did I leave off.......oh, lonely and excited.  After a couple of hours resting and showering, I met up with Elizabeth who is cute as a bug.  She's so dang nice and took me under her wing immediately.  I heart her and am proud to be friends with her!  There was also Dana from The Dana Files.  She's super nice too and I loved her … [Read more...]

The Blogher Beginning


Finally I'm back to blogging!  I missed it so much and wish I had had the time to blog while at the Blogher conference but I didn't. I rarely fly so this was a treat and nerve racking at the same time.  I flew out from Abilene to Houston on a propeller plane...yuck.  Then I flew from Houston to San Fransisco (in about 4hrs) on a big ol' jet … [Read more...]