LeapFrog Makes Donations as Part of their Summer Reading Program

And LeapFrog made me Ambassador!  I was so excited when LeapFrog asked me to be ambassador of their Summer Reading Program!  As Ambassador, I would be given the LeapFrog Tag Reading Systems to my local libraries, including some extra Tag Kits to handout to families!  (That's another post, this one's about the library;) I chose to give the Tag … [Read more...]

The Sweet Moments


Little man is at the age where he is into everything.  He doesn't mind as well, he wants to help do everything and where tantrums are inevitable.  Even through some of the more trying times, it's those sweet moments that come into play and make everything okay. and clearly I need to clean his fingernails......and cut them. … [Read more...]

Cover Kid Photo Contest for Parents Magazine

Little Cowboy

Raise your hand if you think you have the cutest kid in America. *raising hand* Well if you do and have a photo of your little one, you can enter into Parents Magazine's Cover Photo Contest. It's free and your little one could be on the November 2009 Cover issue and be entered to win $10,000. There are two categories: 3mths - 2 years and 2 … [Read more...]

Spread Your Love of Veggies

I'm sure many of you struggle with getting your kids to eat fresh, healthy vegetables.  In fact, I'm willing to be a lot of you give in to your child's unwillingness to eat their vegetables which is a big no-no.  If you lead by example, it's much easier to teach your children healthy eating habits.  If they see you eating at an early age, it will … [Read more...]


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Photoshop for Little Ones


I recently wrote about the cool Vtech V-Motion, which is awesome, but have you seen the cool KidiArt Studio?  This, to me, is like photoshop for the kiddos.  This is a toy that can really bring out the creativity in your little one for sure! It hooks up to your TV or PC so that your child can do simple drawings or even create they're own … [Read more...]

Weekly Photo Pickins’


I think all these photos represent Summer fun!  You've got steak from barbecuing, the beautiful scenery and sunset, and a cutie patootie swimmer.  What else could you ask for?  BUT, since I can only enter ONE photo into the 5M4M contest, I'm entering the third picture of my little man swimming:) Could this be part of Monday's recipe? Anna's … [Read more...]

More Little Man


Little man is growing so fast.  He'll be 2 September 25:)  He's got so much personality that I just melt when I sit and watch him.  He's a singin' & dancin' dude and if he's not a cowboy when he grows up, he might be a famous performer! I gave him his first buzz a couple of weeks ago.  I love it because I don't have to fiddle with all that … [Read more...]