Brandcation – Sail Away with 40 Bloggers as We #SeastheDay on the Royal Caribbean

Liberty of the Seas - Royal Caribbean

Sounds pretty amazing huh?  One of the reasons I quit going to several of the blogging conferences, was the fact that they are becoming so huge and impersonal. It got to where everyone was avoiding the conference itself and just networking on the side, because we all know what kind of connections can be made through those small, intimate meetups.  … [Read more...]

There is Something to Be Said About Mom 2.0


As a dinosaur in blog land, I've attended many conferences & events.  When you've been blogging for seven years, you've heard it all, been there/done that, and seen everything.  That's not entirely true but that was how it came to feel over the years.  So what did I do?  I quit going.  I focused on family and did my own thing, but there's … [Read more...]

NYC Blogher 2010 Recap

robert Verdi and Lori Falcon at Getting gorgeous

I LOVE NYC and I love Blogher but by Friday night, I was ready to come home!  In fact, I went into "shutdown" mode right before the Hallmark party.  Before I get to the good, I'm gonna start with the not so good and that was mostly the walking.  I have no problem with walking but when you're in NYC, a few blocks to them is like a millions blocks to … [Read more...]

$5 for Consideration, Paying for Others if Denied


Yesterday Trisha wrote a post about the Savvy Blogging Summit put on by some women (not Trisha).  There a few things I'm not fond of but am specifically against the fee. The NONREFUNDABLE $5 fee to apply to even be considered to attend the summit. Just to say that again..... You pay $5 to apply. You may or may not be approved. If chosen … [Read more...]

Blogher 09 in Chicago on July 23-25

If you recall, last year I won a pass to Blogher in San Fransisco, CA. This year, I plan to have a sponsor while attending Blogher 09 in Chicago!!  I'm very excited to attend this year for several reasons.  I'm looking forward to the networking of course but I really want to meet all the fabulous bloggerst that I haven't met yet!  And being able … [Read more...]