Food Challenge

It's been a while I know but the food challenge is back!  When I did a recent survey, much of the feedback had requested that I bring the food challenge back into play.  It was a lot of fun but at the time, I had a lot going on personally but am excited to get it going again and thanks to some amazing sponsors already, it's gonna be a blast! I … [Read more...]

Baking with Mom Moments Photo Contest

breville stand mixer set

Have you seen my post where Truett helps me bake a ton of cupcakes?  I LOVE cooking and baking with my kids, always have.  Even if it's just them helping me stir something or grabbing a potato and handing it to me, it's all special because they are moments between me and them. I want to see moments like this from you.  Maybe you're a Mom, know a … [Read more...]

Baking with Mom Photo Contest

Baking with Mom 250

I've had so many special cooking moments with my kids but one of my favorite moments is when me and Truett baked tons of cupcakes! We baked, iced, and decorated with fun and colorful icing and cupcake toppings. It was so special. I want to see that type of moment from you guys! Whether you are the mom, know a mom, or know someone with the heart … [Read more...]

Moments with Mom Contest


Post photos | Recently added | Most views | Top rated Me and Breville want you to share your Mom moments with a photo of Moms baking with kids. Whether you're a Mom, have a Mom, or know someone who has the heart of a Mom, then we want to see a photo of a Mom moment with that theme! … [Read more...]

3mth Giveaways is OVER!

It has been a long 3mths people and to be honest, I am SO ready for these giveaways to be over.  I'm ready to get back to real food blogging and REAL comments.  I appreciate everyone's support, participation and I'm thankful for getting to meet some really wonderful new people. I will still be holding random giveaways as usual but not like … [Read more...]

Giveaway! Magazine Subscription, YOUR Choice 3 WinnersOver

First, woohoo, we have a winner for the Kitchenaid Food Mill Gift set!  SEE IF YOU WON!!!  Again, there were sooooo many entries!!  Thanks so much for entering:)  May 1st officially kick started my 3 month long giveaway!  Every week from May 1st until July 31, I’ll be giving away a prize.  Let me tell you people, you won’t wanna miss this.  I’ve … [Read more...]

3 Month Weekly Giveaway Begins with a Cuisinart Food Prep!OVER!

WOOHOO!! Today officially kick starts my 3 month long giveaway!  Every week from today until July 31, I'll be giving away a prize.  Let me tell you people, you won't wanna miss this.  I gathered up some great prizes from cash, gift sets, magazine subscriptions, and even a KITCHENAID FOOD PROCESSOR:) !!!  The best way for you to keep track of each … [Read more...]

Vote for Your Top Favorites

A while back I participated in Litemind's Lists Group Writing Project.  I'm number 5 on the list:)  All the entries have been submitted and now it's time to pick at least 3 of the 67 choices.  To help the voting get off to a good start, pick the ones that you like most and link to them on your blog. You have until Monday, Dec. 3rd to link to your … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Become the Perfect Idiot

Driving~~Be sure to drive 50mph in the fast lane on an 75mph highway.  By doing this, you will get the horn honked at you and the finger shot at you, therefore making you a perfect idiot. Fast Food~~When you're at McDonalds, be sure to hold up the line staring at the menu for 5 whole minutes. Since McDonald's menu never changes, this will cause … [Read more...]