Pepperidge Farm Strawberry Cheesecake Cookies – A Cookie for Grownups

Pepperidge Farm Strawberry Cheesecake cookies

Pepperidge Farm got cooking in their factory, something new for all, and it’s the Strawberry Cheesecake Cookies. With a nice seasonal burst of flavors, these cookies are an excellent addition for the Mother’s Day dessert serving.  They definitely have a grown-up feel to them and oh so heavenly! Availability These limited edition cookies … [Read more...]

2 in 1 Pizza Special for Your Super Bowl Party!


I previously told you about DiGiorno's Pizza and Breadsticks all in one combo and am even more excited to share their other two versions; Pizza & Chocolate Chip Cookies (Nestle toll House Cookies so you know they're good!)and Pizza & Boneless Wyngz!  For the big game day, I'll definitely be getting the Pizza and Wyngz!! I think these are … [Read more...]

Cookies Bring Families Together


Okay, while that might not be a proven fact technically speaking, it holds true here in the Falcon household.  One of the first things my kids do is check the cookie jar and since I don't always make them from scratch, I do try to always stock them with some our favorites regularly like Oreos (Double Stuff of course), Nutter Butters (my man's … [Read more...]

My Little Cookie Monster


Remember these Honey Sweet Cookies I made a while back?? Well this little man does and thought they were the best cookies in the world.  I thought it would be the perfect picture to enter into 5 Minutes 4 Mom's contest about fun, family food.  Well, there's more to it but you can go read for yourself. They really were good cookies and easy to … [Read more...]