Le Creuset Pan with Extras! {Giveaway} #KtchnConvo


I recently had  some kitchen conversations (via web chat) about food trends with Land O'Lakes and some lovely fellow food bloggers.  It was a diverse group of foodies and so interesting to see their food trend picks for 2013.   I have never been trendy in any sense but it always fascinates me to see all the trends of today, especially in … [Read more...]

Big Boss Oil-less Fryer Review

big boss oilless fryer

The Big Boss Oil-less Fryer is a healthy alternative to frying.  I hadn't ever seen anything like this but love the concept. You can cook one thing or multiple items in at at the same time. It comes will all sorts of trays, books, , spray bottle, and even a nifty 'grabber' to pull out your tray easily, while avoiding the heat. Here's a quick … [Read more...]

2010 Pillsbury Bake-Off Million Dollar Winner, Oprah Announces


The million dollar winner of the Pillsbury Bake-Off has been announced live on the Oprah show.  I had the pleasure of watching 100 finalists compete in Orlando for the million dollar prize and out of those, it was narrowed down to these 4 finalists; (see my previous wrap up of the event) Breakfast & Brunches – Tomato-Basil Eggs Alfredo in … [Read more...]

Entertaining with Southern Living at HOME Decor


Have you noticed some of the platters I've been using in my photos? They are from Southern Living at HOME.  I have to say, I was quite surprised by the beauty and quality of these pieces.  I've never had much for entertaining purposes and while these can be used anytime, I enjoy bringing them out for my photos or when company is over. You'll be … [Read more...]

Taste of Home Talks Casseroles and Includes My Shrimp Stroganoff Dish!


Remember my Shrimp Stroganoff Casserole? Well, it's in the April issue of Taste of Home! I found out a while back that it was going to be in there and was so excited! I was told it had been made in several of the Taste of Home testing kitchens and they were giving it thumbs up all around, which made me feel very good. Casseroles really are … [Read more...]

Learning Tower Giving Toddlers a Way to Help in Kitchen Safely


My little guy loves to help in the kitchen as I'm sure most toddlers and preschoolers do so when I was introduced to this Learning Tower, I was excited!  Finally a safe way for my little man to help me in the kitchen but in a safe manner.  Normally my little guy is on a chair or sitting on the counter, with me right there of course, which is a risk … [Read more...]

FREE Eat Better in America Coupons!

Just thought I'd share these coupons, $10 worth to help you eat better in America! It also has healthy eating tips and healthy recipes!  Just trying to be frugal ya know! And if you know of any coupons or anything, check out my personal blog for a frugal idea/tip roundup! You can link your own post or just a link to a great steal or coupon! … [Read more...]

Thalia in New York City

I was in NYC the last few days and had the chance to eat at a much fancier restaurant, that is normally available to me, called Thalia. Now many of you have probably eaten at places like this many times but I have not so even ordering the food was an issue for me.  I didn't know what this was or that but with the help of my blogging friends, I was … [Read more...]

A Look Back at My Wooden Spoon’s 2008 Journey


This blog has come a really long ways and I am so proud of it.  I've worked really hard on improving things with the content, readership, and photos.  2008 has been a great ride and I can't wait to see what 2009 has in store! JANUARY Flour Tortillas Pumpkin Cake with Cream Cheese Icing Pineapple Upside Down Cake FEBRUARY Bacon Wrapped … [Read more...]

A Fruity Family Tradition with Health Benefits

Fruit Basket

Along with the holidays comes an abundance of sugary sweets and I don't know about you but I've had enough.  I'm sure I gained a whopping 10lbs at the least after this Holiday's feast and will be glad to get back to normal food. One foodie family tradition I do welcome is the basket full of fruit courtesy of my parents.  They do this every year … [Read more...]

Mario Batali Can Cook Me Hold My Lunch Anytime!

Update: Giveaway is over. Have you seen the Mario Batali Lunchbags line? OMG, they are THE most stylish, functional lunch bags ever! I recently received the Mario Batali Lunch Bag (The Crew Tote) in this expresso color and I absolutely LOVE IT!!!!  Not only is it THE most stylish lunch bag I've had, it's also the most functional one. Some quick … [Read more...]

Then Next Food Network Star Season 4

WOOHOO!  Who's ready for another season of The Next Food Network Star???!!  I know I am.  You know, I sorta knew Rory (the runnerup) from Season 3.  She was also in another reality show filmed in Vega, TX and we lived at the Fulton Quien Sabe Ranch at the time.  She fell in love with a cowboy!  Anyways, there are some new faces and new challenges … [Read more...]

Sales from Cooking dot com

I've been really busy lately but I wanted to share some deals with from cooking.com. I get these via email all the time and figured I'd let you in on them! Oh, the cookbook was claimed and sent of but don't get down, I've got some other giveaways planned! And now with the sales! Free Shipping on Orders over $99 with Coupon Code C93842 (exp. … [Read more...]