Over 50 of My Favorite Songs

I'm always curious as to what people listen to and thought it would be fun to tell you what some of my favorites songs are.  When I get my new iPhone, you can be that I'll ALL of these mp3s for sure! SPANISH *Linda Ronstadt & her entire album of Canciones de mi Padre Ramon Ayala with Tragos Amargos My very own Father-in-Law:) ... Continue Reading


The Other Side of Me with Linda Eder Review

If I had to describe the cd, "The Other Side of Me" by Linda Eder, I would say it's SOUNDS like Christian music but is contemporary country music.  There aren't any religious stuff in it or anything like that, it just sorta has that sound. I found Linda's music to be pleasant and put me in this calming relaxation mode.  The family was all gone ... Continue Reading