Finding My Mojo, Finally

I'm sure you've noticed the lack of updates here.  Aside from merging A Cowboy's Wife into My Wooden Spoon, I've just been trying to catch-up, gather my thoughts, and create a plan.  I think I've finally found my mojo and it's refreshing.  Merging and letting one blog go has taken a huge weight off of me and I feel somewhat free. SO WHAT'S GOING ON … [Read more...]

Cowboy Truett

cowboy truett

He's a clone of his oldest brother Tyler.   He can't wait to work cows on Sparkplug.  He's Cowboy Truett … [Read more...]

Entertaining, Chuckwagon Style!


I debated on whether I should write about this here or on my cowboy blog but since my main focus will be on chuckwagon dining, I thought it would make a good fit here. I don't know about you but I love to entertain and while I don't always use the western theme, it is most certainly a huge part of my life.  I probably love to decorate more with it … [Read more...]

Texas Ranch Cowboy

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Cowboy Decor with a Story


We decorate our house with junk mostly but several pieces are real cowboy gear that has been retired.  When I say junk, I mean old things like whiskey jugs and gas cans and pieces of branded barn wood.  We have this shelf over the fireplace and it's pretty much the focal point of the house so we chose to put my man's spurs there, right next to that … [Read more...]

Little Man Packin’ his Saddle


The last time I used this vintage look, I got people telling me how hot my 15yr old son (14 at the time) was....ew.  Anyways, I thought it would make for a cute photo using the vintage style on my little man who was struggling to keep a hold of that saddle.  He kept saying, " I do it, I do it".  LOVE HIM! … [Read more...]

Help Me Makeover My Bathroom in a Frugal Fashion!


This is our bathroom and it just got a new tub!  I have not done anything in here and need your help!  I want to make it over in a WESTERN/COWBOY/COWGIRL theme and in a frugal manner since I am trying to be more frugal in 2009! As you can see, it needs tons of TLC so please help me make it over!  All suggestions are welcome from paint to curtains … [Read more...]

The Metalsmith Boys


If you don't already know, my husband builds spurs.  Lots of them here lately along with bits and buckles.  Well I guess his talent is rubbing off on my both of my sons because they have been busy. Let's take a look at my oldest son's work first.  He was dying to make his own pair of spurs, and I mean dying..he was begging like a little … [Read more...]

Cute Cowboy Stuff I Want


So I've been browsing the etsy shops lately and found all sorts of goodies but today I'm gonna talk about cowboy stuff!  There were some really cute things that made me wish I was crafting again...hmmmm, should I quit blogging and start crafting back up???  YOU tell me. Remember that Doodlebugz Crayon Keeper I talked about the other day??  Well … [Read more...]

Family Generousity


We have a great family, most of the time.  My oldest son Tyler, has a very strong work ethic.  He's not lazy by any means and it always willing to do a some work regardless of whether he's getting paid or not.  I love that.  A kid that will work hard for nothing.  You don't see that too often these days.  Kids want everything handed to … [Read more...]

I’m Baaaack

Hey YA'LL!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend:)  We had a good time this weekend.  We went to see some friends and just hangout.  Of course, I was around skinny girls as usual so I better get back to takin' my Hydroxycut.  Here's a shout out to the folks that were so kind to have us over, feed us, and give such a warm inviting atmosphere!  … [Read more...]

Random Photos 2

I'm feeling random again.  I've got a ton of things to do and no time for blogging right now.  Here's a few random pics of mi familia:) y mas. My middle son Toby. Nose picker....ewww. My man and my little guy on a cute donkey that belongs to my sister-in-law. … [Read more...]

Bashful Cowboy

I had hec getting a picture of my man today.  He kept turning away everytime I tried to snap one of him.  He's actually very shy when it comes to pictures, which is the complete opposite of his older sibling.  He was actually walking off in this one and I said, "Hey, where ya headed?".  He turned to answer and SNAP! I got it:)  It looked fine in … [Read more...]


As Winter approaches, the cold comes with it.  Here's my youngest cowpoke all bundled up, wildrag and all:) This hat is old and previously belonged to my oldest cowboy but he loves to wear it around.  … [Read more...]