cowboy breaking ice

Feedin’ Cows and Breakin’ Ice

We don't usually get such icy conditions in this part of Texas but boy did we have a cold spell to start the New Year.  We were out of power for almost 2 days, some are still out as I type this post.  Regardless, cows still gotta eat and they definitely need water!  That means we're feeding' cows and breakin' ice! Normally I don't go with my ... Continue Reading

Jeremy Camp

Jeremy Camp and Cowboy Silhouettes

We attended a Jeremy Camp concert in the super small town of Roby, Texas (population about 500).   Oh yeah, you heard me right, JEREMY CAMP, Christian superstar came to this small town to perform for our community and it was amazing!  I don't know if you have any clue the prayers and hard work that went into securing a gig like this but it's a huge ... Continue Reading


Chore Time

All my boys have chores every day, mostly at the barn, and Truett is no exception.  As soon as we tell him it's time, he usually walks to the barn.   Sometimes we walk, sometimes we drive but he always walks.  I think if he ever figures out how to ride that bike of his on those rocks, he'll love going back and forth to the barn that ... Continue Reading


Breakin’ Nintendo

One of the questions I get most often is about my oldest son, and that's "How does he break horses?".  Since he recently started a colt, I thought I'd share with you day 1 of breakin' Nintendo, his Dad's horse.  And if you're wondering why his name is Nintendo....this is why. He's branded with DS.  I thought my husband was clever with the name, ... Continue Reading


Cowpoke’s New-Old Horse, Smokey, Rainy Days, and Wet Boots

We haven't seen rain in FOREVER around here so the nice shower we had the other day was absolute heaven.  We let Truett play in the rain puddles all evening, fully clothed and all, including his Mickey Mouse ears he got from Disney World.  Those are the little moments I enjoy most. Remember Sparkplug?  Well, we still have him and ... Continue Reading


Sparkplug and Truett

It's been a while since I showed you photos of Truett with Sparkplug. Remember the last time?  He's grown soooo much!!  Now he uses a bridle to stop, turn, and even spin Sparkplug. It really is the cutest thing and I just love to watch his facial expressions when he's riding. He's so proud and he loves to see you watching him. Anyways, I'm gonna ... Continue Reading


A Whole Bunch of Handsome

What a beautiful day it was here in Texas!  We were in the 60's and took advantage by cooking outside.  All the boys were around so it was the perfect time to be with family.  Truett posed for photos, Tyler played with Truett, my man was cooking up a storm and making silly faces, and Toby sat around being being a typical 14 year old ... Continue Reading

Cowboy Truett aka Mr. Attitude

Mr. Attitude

In 2010, I took photos of a lot of faces but when I think about all of them, this one of Truett sticks out the most.  I remember it so well because he had such a bad attitude that day.  I know now that it was just him getting ready to be the rotten age of 4.   Many of you know this age yes?  They get mad when they don't get their way.  They want ... Continue Reading


Bareback Ridin’ and Gun Practice

Truett has grown so much and is exactly like Tyler, 100% cowboy.  Today, he took advantage of the pretty weather by practicing shooting his BB gun.  He can shoot too, never once missing the beer can. Obviously he enjoyed the weather today....clearly thinking it was a warm day. He also felt like  tryin' a little bareback riding.  He ... Continue Reading

torch sparks

Around the Ranch

We have some fun photo challenges happening right now at the forum.  Check it out. In the mean time, here are some photos I took the other day around the ranch.  Have a good'un! ... Continue Reading