JumpSport Trampoline Review Part 1, Putting it Together

jumpsport trampoline

We had the awesome opportunity to review a JumpSport trampoline recently (and Elite trampoline at that) and my initial reaction is WOOOOHOOOO!  Most of us have bought trampolines from our local stores.  We also have seen them blow away, fall apart, and just flat out break within a very short amount time right?  Well one of the things I want to … [Read more...]

And the vote goes to…..

"Tyler Cruz, he's no sham.... he gets my vote, 'cause he's da man!" Okay, that was extremely lame but I never said I was cool, you know!  Tyler's having a contest with his blogging friend over at WinningTheWeb.com to see who gets the most "votes" by getting bloggers to blog about one of them--just like I'm doing now.  Just in case you're a … [Read more...]

Here.org.uk Review

Do you have an affiliate marketing blog?  Maybe you're whole blog doesn't revolve around affiliate marketing but I'm sure if you're like me, you want to know as much as you can about this particular niche. Browsing around this afternoon, I came across here.org.uk.  (The name is unsual to me but I guess it works.)  The layout is nice and clean with … [Read more...]

Reviewtize.com Review

To get a review, sometimes you have to give a review.  The Googlelady herself has a new site called Reviewtize and if you give your thoughts and opinions, she'll give you hers;)  She provides some really useful information on her main blog so I'm excited to see her starting this one in an entirely different field.  There a few benefits to get your … [Read more...]