A Peek at Dyson – Testing

I love seeing "behind the scenes" of products I love because in the end, it gives me more of an appreciation of what goes into the product. I've had the chance to attend several plants and factories and see how things are made and built and I just LOVE it. Seeing the hard work behind it and the people that believe in it just makes it more … [Read more...]

Slim, Powerful, and Cordless (that lasts!)

Slim, powerful, and cordless all describe the new Dyson DC35 Digital Slim. There was no way I was gonna turn down a review of this baby but my review is not coming today. Today, I'm just letting you know that I'll be talking about it a couple of more times later on.  I'll show you how the DC35 works today with the handy video below. What is your … [Read more...]

2009 Holiday Gift Guide

Amazon.com  Dyson DC17 Animal Cyclone Upright Vacuum Cleaner  Home & Garden

First let me say that I was overwhelmed with all the gift ideas I received this year which makes it extremely hard to narrow it down to just a few but I did get it done.  I chose items based on uniqueness, functionality, style, and practicality.  I think with the economy like it is, most people are looking for items they can use to get the most … [Read more...]

Dyson, Oh How I Love Thee

Dyson 014

Wow, I NEVER thought I could love a vacuum cleaner like I love this Dyson.  I've had this beastful beauty for almost a month now. I waited because I wanted to give my honest opinion on it AFTER I've had it for a while.  It's still as fabulous as it was the day it arrived. I've been married over 16 years and have gone through at least 8 vacuum … [Read more...]