seventh generation cleaners

He Reads, I Clean

When you have 3 kids (3 boys to boot), you clean and clean and clean.  I ain't gonna lie either, their bathrooms are disgusting.  I usually make them clean them since they are the ones that create the mess but thought I'd try out these Seventh Generation Cleaning Supplies that I was sent.  I was challenged to swap out at least 3 of my regulars with ... Continue Reading


Green Giveaway – Bissell, Brita, Tide and Green Works

If you're like me, you're taking baby steps towards a greener lifestyle.  Every little bit helps right?  I have a long ways to go and I'm sure many of you do too so to help, As one of the Eleven Moms of Walmart, I have brought a nice little green package to the table for you! Four products that one winner will receive are: 1) Bissell Little ... Continue Reading

Going Green in the Office

You've turned your household kitchen cleaners green, you recycle, you eat organic foods but what about your home office?  Did you know there's a one stop shop for all your Eco-Friendly Name Brand products?  Well HELLO, there is!  Brands like Hewlett Packard (HP), Sony, Apple, Cannon among others. Maybe you're shopping for printers.   Since ... Continue Reading

Greener than Green

A while back, I asked you if you were green.  I really do believe that we should all do our part in making sure this world is healthier for our kids to live in.  You can buy eco products at products that are enviromentally friendly!  They are an awesome company and they even donate to charities like Healthy Child Healthy World.  ... Continue Reading

Are You Green?

A while back, I received some smelly pencils that were really fun to get and smell;), but what I really liked about them, is that they were made from 100% recycled newspaper.  I really do believe that anything we can do to make this place better to live in, we should do.  Our kids and grandkids will have to live here long after we're gone and they ... Continue Reading