Mixin’ It Up with My Wooden Spoon

So if you don't already know, I have my own Blog Talk Radio show called Mixin' it up with My Wooden Spoon, on the Eleven Moms channel. No, I haven't done a show yet because frankly, I'm a little skeered!  I'll be scheduling one soon enough though and hope that you guys all listen in when I do have one so that I don't look like a total loser ... Continue Reading


Just Seeing How Many of You Read My Posts

Christmas is almost here but as for most, it won't be much.  We went with quality of quantity this year so one kid only has 2 gifts to open.  Of course little man will make out this year but he's two and was actually in need of some fun toys!  A couple of things that he doesn't have are boots and jeans but we'll probably hit the stores after the ... Continue Reading

My New Dell Mini 9 Laptop!

One of the perks of being one of Walmart's Eleven Moms, is meeting other PR firms through them like Dell!  And that's where this cute lil fella came from.  It's the Dell Mini 9 laptop and it is sooooo adorable!  Mine came  in white and I've been wanting one every since it came out and my mom told me about it. I've been wanting it for travel ... Continue Reading


Walmart’s First Black Friday Sneak Peek!

Are you ready for the scoop on some Black Friday deals that will be happening this Saturday, Nov. 8th???? Well, I totally have it for ya since I'm one of the Eleven Moms and all:)  You can see the Walmart specials for this weekend now. You can go there and locate your closes store and be ready because the madness begins! Hot items like this ... Continue Reading

Free Sample of the Mystery Salon Secret Shampoo from Walmart

Who doesn't love freebies right?  Although I am an Eleven Mom now, I wasn't at the time the other girls got to try this mystery shampoo in Bentonville but even still, I take them for their word that is great stuff.  I'm sure you all know how picky I am about my hair already so when I actually get to try the sample, I will report back. For now ... Continue Reading


Ta-Da! Makeover Magic

The girls at the Oak St. Salon did a heck of job in my opinion! My hair dresser Kim felt so bad when she cut my hair but she shouldn't have. See, I told her to cut it off, of course after the pressure of everyone saying cut it off;) Anyways, it was after the cut when I broke down. It was so short and it was what I asked for but it was hard for ... Continue Reading

My Makeover Breakdown

One of the perks that came along with becoming one of the Eleven Moms of Wal-Mart was a makeover.  All of the other girls had theirs a while back and us new moms were able to get one as well. If you recall, I just posted my before and after pictures and pointed out that I have had the same hairstyle and LENGTH for over 17yrs so you can only ... Continue Reading


It’s Official! I’m One of Walmart’s Eleven Moms

WOOHOO!!  I was recently approached about becoming one of Wal-Mart's Eleven Moms and immediately jumped on it.  I am a Wal-Mart shopper--always have been, always will be.  When you are living on a cowboy's wages, Wal-Mart is a lifesaver!  We buy our groceries there, our Christmas presents there, and everything in between. Anyways, what I love ... Continue Reading


Wal-Mart’s Eleven Moms Blogroll

Sharin' the love with the Eleven Moms of Wal-Mart!  Check them out because they are all wonderful and a magnificent group of ladies! In no particular order...................... *  * * * * * * * * * These are the remaining that I couldnt' find a button for. Being Frugal Classy Mommy Consumer Queen Frugal ... Continue Reading