When Forgiving Feels Impossible

You ever have an encounter that brings back memories or feelings that make you down right miserable?   Most of the time, I do not because I'm great at letting it go.    Oh, I get mad, and I'll most likely let you know just how mad I am, but then I'm over it.  And while I've blocked out much of my youth, when I do remember something, I always try to ... Continue Reading


Discipleship Denied

'Discipleship denied' represents a time in which we are called to follow the teachings of Christ, but fail to do so.  This can be a little or big thing.  To recognize our failures, we must be self-aware.  This is sorta like confession time and sometimes, confessing our shortcomings can be really difficult. Not too long ago, I hurt someone I love ... Continue Reading

Joyce Meyer

Learning the Word in 2012

One of my spiritual struggles is not knowing the Word of God.  I've never read the Bible and to be quite honest, always felt overwhelmed at the very thought of it.  I'm also quite embarrassed to say that I don't even know any of the basic stories that many other folks know, like Noah's Arc.  I am familiar with the boat and the animals and the why ... Continue Reading

de colores

How I Got Here

It only took 35 years and 7 months for me to get that unbelievable feeling of peace but I have it and am now one of them. I first shared my struggles of Faith with you back in 2008.  I had an overwhelming response of support & encouragement, enough to make anyone feel unconditionally loved, even without knowing half of the people that ... Continue Reading

My Walk, with God

For years I have struggled with my Faith.  It's been a spiritual and mental battle with myself that left me with anger, lots of questions, and a never-ending desire to be at peace. This weekend, I took a Walk to Emmaus, a spiritual walk with myself, my sisters, and the Lord.   Those of you who have followed and know me, know what I must have ... Continue Reading


It’s a Sign……

I was sick all day with a horrible migraine but for some strange reason, felt the urge to find a photo of my grandmother.  I have this box of photos that came from her house after she passed away. There are some of me and my brother when we were little, my mom in her "feathered hair" days, and photos of my grandma when she was quite young herself.  ... Continue Reading


God, Faith, and Still Not Getting It

You can read my previous posts here. So today, I facebooked this: Question: Do you think church can teach a beginner anything? Someone who really hasn't ever gone? If so, how and if not, where can one go to learn more? The first reply was from Marcia GO. You will either hear what you are searching for or you won't BUT a little more water will ... Continue Reading

deep thoughts

Still Trying to Believe

For those of you who aren't familiar with my faith, you can read the beginning here and here.  It's been a long time since I've talked about my feelings on this topic but a King of the Hill episode sparked it up again for me.  I know, King of the Hill right?  It's the one where Bobby goes to a new church group who happen to be skaters but are ... Continue Reading


Finding Faith – Believing and Reaching Out

Previously on Finding Faith, I talked about my struggles with faith and  whether or not God truly exists in my eyes.  On the 3 hour flight to New York, I was able to finish the book I started called "The Case for Christ". When I first started reading the book on the plane, I noticed right away that the person beside me and across me were ... Continue Reading


*GASP* She’s Talking Faith

I can just see my family & friends rolling their eyes at this post but that is exactly why I'm writing it. To prove that I'm at least trying to find faith. So, it was suggested by some friends of mine that I give "The Case for Christ" a read. A book about a journalist who absolutely didn't believe in Jesus, etc and set out to investigate ... Continue Reading