Our 2015 (and beyond) Goals for Our Son

Falcon boys

This post isn't about me, but about my son. I have been overweight for so many years.  Even in my younger years, I wasn't 'fat' but was bigger than the other girls.  I know first hand how cruel and unhealthy being fat is.  I do NOT want that for my son.  Anyone that sees Truett, doesn't think of him as fat but as a second grade 8 year old … [Read more...]

Keeping a Technological Groove With the Young Ones

Dad with kids

Contribution made by Becky W. Dad, did you know that your relationship with your children is one of the best indicators of their success in life? That’s right, your influence as a father has an enormous impact on your children’s self-esteem, happiness, emotional and social development, and confidence. No one can adequately fill the place of a … [Read more...]

Reaching 19 Years with the Help of Love and Vows


When you meet and marry your husband the way I did, nobody expects you to stay married. Nobody.  And when you marry a cowboy, it makes for an interesting ride full of ups, downs, and even a few "bucked off" moments.  Through it all though, you remember why you married and how love & vows played the biggest roles in keeping you … [Read more...]

2011 Little Moments


While I didn't do much in the blogosphere in 2011, it was one of my most cherished years.  I was there for my kids.  I was there for every single moment that was important to them and me.  A few 'little moments' that meant the world to me throughout 2011 include: Seeing my son be crowned football king and fall festival king all their sports … [Read more...]

Cars 2, Mater’s Mission, and Fun Prizes!

I'm so bummed that the fire has kept me from taking Truett to see the opening for Cars 2 in our town.  I plan to take him soon but in the mean time, we can have fun with Mater's Secret Mission, by sending codes messages and winning prizes. Walmart has launched Mater's Secret Mission on their Facebook page and movie vouchers, exclusive … [Read more...]

Finding My Mojo, Finally

I'm sure you've noticed the lack of updates here.  Aside from merging A Cowboy's Wife into My Wooden Spoon, I've just been trying to catch-up, gather my thoughts, and create a plan.  I think I've finally found my mojo and it's refreshing.  Merging and letting one blog go has taken a huge weight off of me and I feel somewhat free. SO WHAT'S GOING ON … [Read more...]

As One Goes In, One Will Go Out

senior rings

It's hard to believe that I'll be 35 this month.  Even harder to believe that I have a son who will graduate next year, with another son who will be in Pre-K that same school year.  Where has all the time gone.......Tyler got his senior ring the other day and it's one of those small things that makes you realize just how old your son is.    I love … [Read more...]

Rodeo, Cheesecake, and Our Flag


Every year, we are given tickets to attend the San Angelo PRCA Rodeo.  It's always a great rodeo but this year, it was much more for me.  They added a couple of things that gave me goosebumps and a new appreciation of the Flag.  It started with this man here, the rodeo announcer, who is there every year and has a lovely voice to say the … [Read more...]

A Whole Bunch of Handsome


What a beautiful day it was here in Texas!  We were in the 60's and took advantage by cooking outside.  All the boys were around so it was the perfect time to be with family.  Truett posed for photos, Tyler played with Truett, my man was cooking up a storm and making silly faces, and Toby sat around being being a typical 14 year old … [Read more...]

Glued at the Hip

Six Flag San Antonio

I can remember Tyler when he was little, before Toby came along, doing everything with his Dad.  It was just them two, all the time. Now it's Truett and his Dad. No matter what we're doing, where we're at, them two are glued to each other.  It makes me happy to see that bond.  I'm so blessed to live the life that I live and have the family that I … [Read more...]

Every Weekend

Andres Falcon

Most of Saturday was miserable due to weather and then Sunday was just beautiful. The sun was out so we enjoyed the fresh air by doing chores, taking a 4-wheeler ride, and eating ice cream. Glorious I tell ya. Anyways, just like every weekend, we usually get together with my father-in-law and cook out. Him and Toby always play a little something … [Read more...]

A Movie, Trivia, Some Giggles, and a Little Popcorn


I've been waiting anxiously for Secrets of the Mountain to finally air and I'm proud to say that it was a hit in our home!  And I'm not just saying that. You can see my original post about it and how I felt at the end of the video. We started out with a Ziti recipe, some ice cream from Lovin' Scoopful (which is actually for an ice cream party … [Read more...]

Trying Out the Self Timer Feature

The Falcon Family

[Read more...]

Disney Family.com Makes Traveling More Fun for Kiddos!


Disney Family.com is offering an “On the Road With Family.com” kit to one lucky reader! The kit promises to keep children comfortably entertained during car or plane trips this summer and will put an end to the dreaded “Are we there yet?” questions while allowing families to share their favorite family vacation destinations. The travel kit … [Read more...]

2hrs and a Rest Stop


On our way to Matador, Texas for my nephew's graduation, we knew we were going to have some time to spare when we were thinking we had 1 1/2 hrs left but in reality, there was only 3omin left.  So what do you do when you're in a town of about 800 or less??? Well, according to my family and my father-in-law, you sleep and walk around and sit & … [Read more...]

My Mother’s Day Moments with My Boys


I decided to force my kids to take pictures with me even though I hate pictures myself.  I don't have very many with my boys so we did a few quick ones.  I had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend and we spent almost every single moment together the entire weekend! We went to a ranch rodeo Saturday, shopped, ate at Logan's and then went home. … [Read more...]

Entertaining with Southern Living at HOME Decor


Have you noticed some of the platters I've been using in my photos? They are from Southern Living at HOME.  I have to say, I was quite surprised by the beauty and quality of these pieces.  I've never had much for entertaining purposes and while these can be used anytime, I enjoy bringing them out for my photos or when company is over. You'll be … [Read more...]

Paula Deen's The Deen Family Cookbook TSV at QVC


Today only, you can get Paula Deen's The Deen Family Cookbook for $16.58! It's QVC's Today Special Value and only lasts one day at that price. NOT a member? Signing up is EASY! If you do, you'll get a $10 credit! (for new members only) Let me know if you sign up for the first time! Would love to welcome you to the QVC family:)  If you want to know … [Read more...]

Paula Deen’s The Deen Family Cookbook TSV at QVC

Today only, you can get Paula Deen's The Deen Family Cookbook for $16.58! It's QVC's Today Special Value and only lasts one day at that price. NOT a member? Signing up is EASY! If you do, you'll get a $10 credit! (for new members only) Let me know if you sign up for the first time! Would love to welcome you to the QVC family:)  If you want to know … [Read more...]

Taste of Home Talks Casseroles and Includes My Shrimp Stroganoff Dish!


Remember my Shrimp Stroganoff Casserole? Well, it's in the April issue of Taste of Home! I found out a while back that it was going to be in there and was so excited! I was told it had been made in several of the Taste of Home testing kitchens and they were giving it thumbs up all around, which made me feel very good. Casseroles really are … [Read more...]

Healthy Green Grilling with Scanpan


My weight loss goals this year include more healthy recipes and taking baby steps to going green, so having the chance to try this grill pan out made me more than happy. Some facts you should know right away about this line that makes it special, is that it is 100% PFOA FREE!  A very important factor for people living green.  The line is … [Read more...]

My Favorite Ornament

Christmas Ornament

I have many faves actually but this one is close to my heart because my son did the artwork at the age of 5.  Most of my ornaments are western except for a few that are family ones handed down but that year I thought it would be fun to have the kids get creative.  Tyler has always drawn.  He's always been pretty good at it too.  Anyways, since the … [Read more...]

My, Cute As a Bug, Mom


I've written about my mother before but today, I wanted to share a picture of her youth. She was 6 and cute as a bug!  She still has the same smile with those little innocent lips and she still even has the that adorable little outfit.  She can remember them telling her to turn a certain way to pose but she had no understanding of what they really … [Read more...]

Unique in Their Own Way

Just a random post today.  I've got some house cleaning to do and won't be on the computer much today.  I thought I'd post a photo of each of my loves.  They are all tired and filthy but still cute.  They all are so unique and it's always interesting to see what they're gonna say or do next. Da' Man is drinking a beer after a long day at work.  … [Read more...]