May Food Challenge


I know you've all anxiously awaited the results to March's Food Challenge and I apologize for the delay.  I hope you all can understand that I just had too much going on offline that I was barely online. In fact, I think I only wrote 1 or 2 posts in April. All future food challenges should be consistent now that I have merged and have more time to … [Read more...]

March Food Challenge

Circulon Contempo 10 pc Cookware Set

February's Food Challenge received 18 entries, all of which looked absolutely delicious!  While most made a dessert of some sorts, there were some that didn't like the  Country Collard Greens and Cumin Scented Basmati Rice.   But there can only be one winner in the monthly food challenge and February's winner is.......... Maiah with her … [Read more...]

Food Challenge Questions

I've gotten a few questions about the Food Challenge. February's Food Challenge ends in 6 days so you better hurry if you plan on entering!   I've secured GREAT prizes for March (<--valued at $200) and May!!  If you'd like to sponsor a prize for the food challenge, email me at [email protected] 1) The recipe does NOT have to be … [Read more...]


Food Challenge

Okay, so apparently beer is not a popular ingredient these days! I listened to all your feedback and have changed a few things up. I really appreciate every comment, suggestion, and even criticism because it helps me make things like this challenge more fun, easier, and just plain better.  So with that, here are two changes I'm making. 1) There … [Read more...]


Food Challenge

It's been a while I know but the food challenge is back!  When I did a recent survey, much of the feedback had requested that I bring the food challenge back into play.  It was a lot of fun but at the time, I had a lot going on personally but am excited to get it going again and thanks to some amazing sponsors already, it's gonna be a blast! I … [Read more...]

100 Recipes, 1-Million Dollar Winner

dutch apple breakfast bake

I absolutely love challenges, cook-offs, and bake-offs which is why I'm constantly watching shows like Challenge, Chopped, and Iron Chef but have you ever considered entering a food challenge (<--which btw, the winner will be announced soon)?  As much as I love challenges, I don't know if I'd enter.  I'm just not that creative but seeing others … [Read more...]

Food Network Series Premiere Lineup

foodnetwork logo

I'd love to hear what your favorite food/cooking shows are and maybe what which ones you'd like to hear/chat about here at My Wooden Spoon. Lemme know! In the meantime, here is the lineup of some series premieres on Food Network. FOOD NETWORK SERIES PREMIERES Extreme Cuisine with Jeff Corwin Premieres: Thursday, September 17th at 9pm Renowned … [Read more...]

Last Cake Standing Challenge Winner, Mary Maher


The winner of the Last Cake Standing challenge and $50,000 was Mary Maher who finished the challenge making a sweet 16 cake for the sextuplets. All three challengers making it to the end were deserving to be there and it was exciting to watch it unfold. I read through all the comments on my previous Last Cake Standing post and found everyone's … [Read more...]

Food Network's Last Cake Standing Challenge

Last Cake Standing

EDITED TO ADD: Mary Maher was the winner of the Last Cake Standing Challenge and the $50,000. Great cakes, great ladies and a fun challenge to watch! One Food Network shows I'm looking forward to checking out, is Last Cake Standing.  Have you seen the buzz?  The talent is unbelievable! LAST CAKE STANDING Food challenge!  I love to watch … [Read more...]