2yr All You Subscription for $17.99

All You Magazine

That's approximately $.75 an issue!   What a huge savings people and I have to tell ya, I've become addicted to the All You magazine!  And no, I'm not just saying that because I was in it either.  Not only does it have a HUGE amount of coupons in it, it's full of money saving ideas and ways to live better without the cost. Some of April's hot … [Read more...]

Must Have Staples to Add Flavor and Cut Costs


You might be surprised to know that there was a time when we had to send our kids off to their grandparent's due to lack of food and money.  It was hard and I never want to revisit that time again but it did teach me something.  It taught me to stock up on the most important & most eaten things and everything else comes after.  It also taught … [Read more...]

Fast Freebies

For updates on the Peanut Butter Recall 2009, check out the FDA. I've been super busy guys but I did come across a couple of freebies for you.  I've been adding coupons to my binder daily and getting ready to go on my first shopping spree with those coupons!  In the meantime, get your freebies!!  Oh, and don't forget, on my cowboy blog, I'll be … [Read more...]

A Very Basic Coupon Binder


If that's what you want to call it. I basically just took a folder, some plastic sheets, paper, and tape to create this one. I figure it will be my temp to get by until I truly learn the world of couponing! And to keep with the true spirit of the term frugal, I only used supplies I had around my house. I didn't go and buy anything new which is … [Read more...]

Grocery Shopping Tips to Save Time and Money

Something I have decided to implement this New Year is a more frugal way of living. And in my journey to become frugal, I plan to share my tips that I've learned and try,  on to you! I think with the economy like it is right now, it would be in ALL of our best interest to find ways to save money. With that said........ Coupons and … [Read more...]