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Breakfast Casserole with Strawberries, Bananas, and Oatmeal

Breakfast casseroles are usually not on the healthy side.  With, my son, Toby constantly stressing healthier eating habits to us over the years, I felt like I should continue that with his little brother, now that he's away at college.  I think he'd be proud of this breakfast casserole with strawberries, bananas, and oatmeal! Fruit has become a ... Continue Reading


Strawberry Milk Pops

Everyone seemed to love the Blueberry Breakfast popsicles but asked about strawberries. Well here you go! Strawberry Milk Pops!  Truett LOVED these and honestly, they're so easy to make and healthy enough, that you could have them all through Summer. We keep fresh strawberries on hand ALL the time. My son Toby is a health freak and fruit is a big ... Continue Reading


Blueberry Frozen Breakfast

Popsicles for breakfast?!  Why not!  These blueberry breakfast ice pops, with Cheerios, are a super fun way to treat your kiddos on Summer mornings.  You can use any fruit that's in season. In fact, I have some strawberry ones coming soon.  Both strawberries and blueberries are two of our favorites around here and we always keep Cheerios on hand. ... Continue Reading

Candy Corn Inspired Fruit Cups

Candy Corn Inspired Fruit Cups for Fall

Isn't candy corn just awesome?  Even so, I'd prefer that Truett not eat much of it so I went with a healthier alternative, candy corn inspired fruit cups!  Seriously y'all, it doesn't get any easier than this! Talk about a hit when Truett got home after school!  He absolutely LOVED this and I loved that he was getting something healthier.  I ... Continue Reading

Kool-Aid Pineapple Bites for Kids

Kool-Aid Pineapple Bites for Kids

I was in the store the other day and saw pineapples on sale.  I remembered Shelby talking about how they take pineapple chunks and sprinkle kool-aid over them.  I was like WHAT!  That sounds awesome!  So we tried it. It's VERY is to whip up!  You simply need kool-aid and pineapple.  Because the pineapples were on sale at Walmart, I went with ... Continue Reading

Fresh Fruit Salad

Fresh Fruit Salad with Blue Jello {video}

One of the best things about Summer is all the fabulous, fresh produce.   You can buy everything from vibrant bell peppers to juicy peaches this time of year and I love it.  We go through a lot of fruit around here with Toby and Truett so I'm always mixing it up a bit so that they don't get bored.   Today I made fresh fruit salad with blue jello, ... Continue Reading

Plum Torte

Easy Plum Torte Recipe Using Fresh Plums

I don't think I've ever used plums in a recipe, which is why I decided to step outside my little box and use them and make a Plum Torte!  The sweet with the tartness from the plum skin made it perfectly delicious.  And served over vanilla ice cream?  oh.my.cow. I found this recipe in a magazine somewhere a long time ago and ripped out the ... Continue Reading

healthy in a jar

Healthy In a Jar for 4th of July

4th of July is not only a day of independence, it's an excuse to cook-out.  We just grilled ribs and chicken in celebration of the holiday!  There's also lots of soda intake on this occasion and because I have been trying so hard to keep Truett away from soda and encourage water, I knew I needed a creative way for him to stay hydrated during 4th of ... Continue Reading

Strawberry Lemonade

Homemade Strawberry Lemonade

With the HOT Texas days coming, I thought starting our Summer off with a cold, fruity drink would be a great way to keep us cool.  Strawberries are in season and lemonade is a second best to sweet tea and who wouldn't wanna sip on some strawberry lemonade while watching their kids jump on the trampoline? This recipe is super easy and you can ... Continue Reading

truett drinking cuties

Cuties Juice for Cowpoke Cutie

We LOVE cuties because Truett can peel them by himself.  They are sweetly delicious and have no seeds.  We are big fans around here so when I heard there was a Cuties juice, I was thrilled!  I just knew my little cowpoke was gonna flip! Cuties juice has no sugar added and no fake sweeteners.  It's natural with very minimal processing.  It's ... Continue Reading