Candy Corn Inspired Fruit Cups for Fall

Candy Corn Inspired Fruit Cups

Isn't candy corn just awesome?  Even so, I'd prefer that Truett not eat much of it so I went with a healthier alternative, candy corn inspired fruit cups!  Seriously y'all, it doesn't get any easier than this! Talk about a hit when Truett got home after school!  He absolutely LOVED this and I loved that he was getting something healthier.  I … [Read more...]

Kool-Aid Pineapple Bites for Kids

Kool-Aid Pineapple Bites for Kids

I was in the store the other day and saw pineapples on sale.  I remembered Shelby talking about how they take pineapple chunks and sprinkle kool-aid over them.  I was like WHAT!  That sounds awesome!  So we tried it. It's VERY is to whip up!  You simply need kool-aid and pineapple.  Because the pineapples were on sale at Walmart, I went with … [Read more...]

Fresh Fruit Salad with Blue Jello {video}

Fresh Fruit Salad

One of the best things about Summer is all the fabulous, fresh produce.   You can buy everything from vibrant bell peppers to juicy peaches this time of year and I love it.  We go through a lot of fruit around here with Toby and Truett so I'm always mixing it up a bit so that they don't get bored.   Today I made fresh fruit salad with blue jello, … [Read more...]

Easy Plum Torte Recipe Using Fresh Plums

Plum Torte

I don't think I've ever used plums in a recipe, which is why I decided to step outside my little box and use them and make a Plum Torte!  The sweet with the tartness from the plum skin made it perfectly delicious.  And served over vanilla ice cream? I found this recipe in a magazine somewhere a long time ago and ripped out the … [Read more...]

Healthy In a Jar for 4th of July

healthy in a jar

4th of July is not only a day of independence, it's an excuse to cook-out.  We just grilled ribs and chicken in celebration of the holiday!  There's also lots of soda intake on this occasion and because I have been trying so hard to keep Truett away from soda and encourage water, I knew I needed a creative way for him to stay hydrated during 4th of … [Read more...]

Homemade Strawberry Lemonade

Strawberry Lemonade

With the HOT Texas days coming, I thought starting our Summer off with a cold, fruity drink would be a great way to keep us cool.  Strawberries are in season and lemonade is a second best to sweet tea and who wouldn't wanna sip on some strawberry lemonade while watching their kids jump on the trampoline? This recipe is super easy and you can … [Read more...]

Cuties Juice for Cowpoke Cutie

truett drinking cuties

We LOVE cuties because Truett can peel them by himself.  They are sweetly delicious and have no seeds.  We are big fans around here so when I heard there was a Cuties juice, I was thrilled!  I just knew my little cowpoke was gonna flip! Cuties juice has no sugar added and no fake sweeteners.  It's natural with very minimal processing.  It's … [Read more...]

GaGa Over GoGosqueeZ Applesauce on the Go

GoGo squeeZ is a fruit serving in a pouch.  It's a fun way for kids to eat a healthy snack and we are now part of the GoGo Gang.  Healthy, convenient snacks are hard to come by so I was thrilled to learn about this product. Some immediate things for you to know about GoGo squeeZ are: No refined sugar No artificial anything No gluten, dairy, or … [Read more...]

A Smoothie Morning


I can remember everyone talking about Jamba Juice. I had no clue what they were talking about because when you live out the middle of nowhere Texas, you don't exactly have the food wonders that are available to the rest of the world. "Oh my gosh, it's the best ever, it's sooooo good"....those were words I heard often when Jamba Juice fell into the … [Read more...]

Chocolate Velvet Cake with Strawberries

Chocolate Velvet Cake with Strawberries

You've been waiting all week haven't you!  This is definitely drool worthy and is super easy to make and a great recipe for the kiddos to lend a helping hand in!  They can dip the strawberries in chocolate and braise the cake with Strawberry jam! This was made in the Stoneware Fluted Pan from Pampered Chef and are you ready?.....IN THE … [Read more...]

Handmade Kitchen Accessories – Aprons

Handmade, to me, means that someone poured their heart and soul into a project to give someone else pleasure in using it.  I have an appreciate for handmade anythings.  With all the fancy, hi-tech kitchen equipment that's out there, it's nice to seek out smaller and perhaps more meaningful treasures for your kitchen. I got an email from Teri the … [Read more...]

Small Changes Make Big Differences


Changing what I put into my mouth in order to lose weight has been a constant struggle for me.  Going from drinking soda 24/7 to stopping cold turkey was a challenge to say the least.  Once you make the commitment though, it's worth everything.  I'm helping my body, my skin and even my teeth.  Teeth??  Yes, the soda has done nothing but rot my … [Read more...]

Crystal Light with a Fruity Twist

Crystal Light drink

As I’ve mentioned before, I must have my water flavored. One of my absolute favorites is Crystal Light. A gal named Crystal (ooohh, she’s make a great spokesperson!) actually introduced me to it a few years ago. She was trying to cut down on soda and started using Crystal Light as an alternative. She had several flavors, and all were good, but … [Read more...]

Talking Tomatoes and Their Health Benefits


I'm not a huge tomato fan but I do think they are important to have your diet and below are just a few of the reasons why you should incorporate them into your daily eating. Reduction in Heart Disease Risk Tomatoes are a very good source of potassium and a good source of niacin, vitamin B6, and folate. Niacin has been used for years as a safe way … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Gift Idea – Mrs. Prindable’s Apples

Photo on 2010-07-02 at 17.05 #2

Mother's day is around the corner and if you're looking for something special and delicious this year, have a look at Mrs. Prindable's Apples.  I included these in my Holiday Gift Guide for 2008 because they are so good and something that my parents would give out to all the families for Christmas. There are so many different apples to choose from … [Read more...]

The Best Strawberry Banana Smoothie


Because I'm trying to lose weight, I'm really watching what I eat.  Every morning I wake up and decide what to eat.  I usually go for oatmeal, a healthy cereal or have a smoothie. Today is smoothie day!  My two favorite fruits, strawberries & bananas, in a drink!  And to make sure I'm getting a good dose of calcium, I use whole milk. You can … [Read more...]

Gerber Educates to Start Healthy, Stay Healthy


Did you know that French fries are the most commonly consumed vegetable by toddlers age 15-24 months? (Not surprising to me at all actually.) Or that soda is being served to infants as young as 8 months? These are the  findings from Gerber’s Feeding Infants and Toddlers Study (FITS), a groundbreaking study of the dietary patterns and nutrient … [Read more...]

Ol' Fashion Peach n Cherry Pie


Do you ever crave a good ol' fashion pie?  I do and this is one of our faves!  If you have never had a Peach & Cherry pie, you don't know what you are missing folks.  This is a cowboy fave as most pies are......oh, and I love pie plates...*ahem* INGREDIENTS: 2 Large ripe peaches, peeled and sliced 3 cups pitted fresh or frozen pie … [Read more...]

A Fruity Family Tradition with Health Benefits

Fruit Basket

Along with the holidays comes an abundance of sugary sweets and I don't know about you but I've had enough.  I'm sure I gained a whopping 10lbs at the least after this Holiday's feast and will be glad to get back to normal food. One foodie family tradition I do welcome is the basket full of fruit courtesy of my parents.  They do this every year … [Read more...]

Red Pears

Read the Pear Facts. … [Read more...]

The Pear Facts and Red Anjou Pie


I was given some delicious red pears the other day and it was the first time I had ever since such a pretty pear.  In fact, I didn't even know there were red ones because I've only seen green.  This led me to research more about this juicy fruit! Did you know that Pears are rich in Vitamin B2, Vitamin C, E1, copper, potassium and are 100% free … [Read more...]

Very Berry Pound Cake

very berry pound cake

Pound cake is great, but pound cake with a fruity topping is even greater!  With this recipe, I decided to use Strawberries, Blueberries, and Bananas.  With so much going on on the fruit side, I needed a balance to which I chose simple but tasty pound cake.  This is a super easy recipe to make and is great when you're short on time.  While the … [Read more...]

Sparkling Peach Soup


This is a guest post by belhoste. I fell in love with chilled soup at a French restaurant many, many years ago. I didn't want to have to travel out of state every time I had a craving for it, so I started trying out my own versions. Honestly, a few of them turned out more like smoothies than soup, but I kept on trying. I know it sounds strange to … [Read more...]