I Won $3000 To Spend at Gallery Furniture!


Many of you already know this but for those that don't, I won a Gallery Furniture Pinterest contest of $3000.  That means mama gets some new living room furniture!   From afar, mine might not seem bad, but well, it's pretty bad. The most obvious, aside from stains, is the huge dip in the middle.  The thing is, this might look like a … [Read more...]

Shopping Office Depot for Sales, Armed with a Coupon!


I've been looking for a desk for a while now and I'm happy to report that I found one! Sadly, I don't have an actual room setup for my home office so I just use the empty part of living room. I thought it would be neat to share the before and after of my mini home office makeover and tell you the deal I found and how much I saved! I almost … [Read more...]

My Walmart Wish List


I'm always focused on getting the kids and my man stuff for Christmas that I rarely get myself anything as most moms do.  And since I am one of the Eleven Moms of Walmart, I thought it would be fun to pick out my "dying to have" products. So one of the things that I found to be a hassle while traveling to Blogher this summer, was my laptop was … [Read more...]

Our Living Room

People are curious about my decor.  Of course, it's westernfied so no surprises in that department but I had several people asking about my rug and cowboy hats so I decided to post a picture.  I have cowboy hats hanging everywhere--on the corner of the window curtains, on the entertainment stand, the floor, walls, etc.  My sofa & recliner … [Read more...]