Card Cubby Organizer!

cardcubby LOVE this cute little Card Cubby.  It holds everything from gift cards & business cards to your license and money. I'll be using it at all the upcoming conferences and plan to even give a couple as gifts! It's 5x3 and perfect for your desktop or for you purse, which is where I'll keep mine.  You … [Read more...]

Weekend Wrap-Up with E-Gift Cards

Since the chances of you buying something online and getting it shipped in time for gift giving are getting slimmer, your best chance is to get a e-gift card. So this weekend, I'm sharing some places where you can buy those last minute e-gift cards. General Shopping E-Gift Cards Amazon Ebay Walmart Special … [Read more...]

Home Depot to the Rescue ($100 giveaway)

When my husband decided to get serious about building bits and spurs, we had to invest a good chunk of money on materials and tools.  After searching at several places, it was Home Depot that saved the day.  We found every tool that we needed including the powerful Drill Press that we couldn't find anywhere else!  We spent well over an hour in … [Read more...]

$50 Walmart Gift Card OVER


and right before Christmas!! WOOHOO!  So who wants a $50 Walmart Gift Card???  I know I would.  Whether you want to decorate for the holiday with Walmart's New Better Homes and Garden line or by yourself some luxury Canopy sheets, you can find it all at Walmart and for AWESOME prices!  I mean really, you just can't beat their prices people..plain … [Read more...]

Got Me Another $500 Gift Card

I've wrote about this in the past, even showed you a picture.  Well, today, I got another one!! Woohoo!  I just love it when these arrive:)  If you are interested in how I got this card for under $25 bucks, then read my gift card how-to post.  That's it for this post.  Just thought I'd show off my card:D … [Read more...]