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2014 Holiday Gift Guide

I can't believe it's already that time again!   PLEASE keep checking this post regularly (bookmark it, whatever you have to do!) because I'll be adding things daily, even hourly!   These are a few of my favorites so I wanted to get them up ASAP as you begin your holiday shopping this season. I'll also be featuring a few of these to give you an up ... Continue Reading

Snack Console for Gamer

Snack Console for the Gamer

Father's Day is just around the corner and me and the boys thought we'd go with a unique idea that we all come up with together; a snack console for gamer Dad! The older boys thought Dad would like snacks while he plays the game and Truett said he needed something to hold his tea so that it doesn't accidentally get knocked over (because it ... Continue Reading


Gifts Under $10

I've noticed that people today feel like they have to spend a lot or make their gift look big in hopes of pleasing the give-e.  Since we buy a large portion of gifts from Walmart, we pay close attention to items other than electronics and toys, like apparel.  Here are a few gift ideas for $10 or less that I found while shopping at my ... Continue Reading

JumpSport Trampoline ELITE

Gift Guide Roundup – Truett’s Toy Picks

Toy buying can be quite a task can't it?  Sometimes it's hard to find the 'good toys' that your child will continue to play with, that will last longer than 3 months.  Having a 19, 16, and 6 year old, we have definitely gone through our share of toys over the years but I'm hoping that I can make your toy shopping much easier this holiday season ... Continue Reading


Inspirational Gift Ideas from Red House Ranch {Giveaway}

I'm so stinkin' excited to be able to offer you guys a giveaway to one of my favorite places that has provided me with much inspiration!  Red House Ranch is responsible for one of my most favorite pieces of jewelry; my PUSH necklace.  One simple word that means so much to me; Pray Until Something Happens.  And this is just one piece of jewelry that ... Continue Reading

power wheels ford f-150

Our Top 5 Toy Picks

With the holidays around the corner and layaway in full force, I thought I'd round up mine and Truett's favorite toys.  Truett is 5, turning 6 September 25th, to give you an idea of his age group. His most favorite toy is the 6 Lane Hot Wheel Raceway.   He plays with this all the time and loves to see which car will when.  He also loves the ... Continue Reading


Alphabet Art Photography – A Gift I Made for My Friend

Just the other day, my good friend Vicki had her *ahem* 20 birthday.  I thought about what to get her for two weeks and then I actually remembered something.  It seems my memory fails me often these days so I was tickled to remember.  Anyways, we had been browsing a local store, Vicki's Gifts, when she saw this one item and made a statement about ... Continue Reading

Armitron Watch

Father’s Day Gifts for Under $15 at Walmart

Father's day is right around the corner and that means finding that special gift!  I thought it would be fun to round up some gifts that are easy on the pocketbook but will bring a smile to that special Dad. These are items that I think my husband would like as well. First up is a Armitron All ... Continue Reading

Chalk Board Cutting Board

How to Turn a Cutting Board Into a Chalk Board

With Mother's Day around the corner, I'm sure there's bound to some need for gift ideas.  I've got a great one for your Mom and/or that foodie lover in your life; a cutting board turned into a chalk board! You can do this with just about any surface but I thought a cutting board would be fun to make for the Mom who loves to be in the ... Continue Reading